[as of 2013 ]

Founded: ~400 BC
Population: 81 191 (2011)
Location: Pernik


[ 2013 ]

A trolleybus network of an interurban character connects 3 distinctly different areas of urban sprawl that constitute the city of Pernik: the “old” Pernik in the west, a separate satellite development of apartment blocks built next to the industrial park, and a sizeable village-like development of private housing in the east.

Despite local political optimism in connection to trolleybuses, a reopening of a previously abandoned line and a reinstatement of the two routes in 2012, the system happens to be in the worst shape in Bulgaria in terms physical and economical sustainability. The rolling stock and the overhead are in dare state of disrepair. The municipally-run carrier is practically bankrupt.


[ 2012 ]

Operator: "Тролейбусен Транспорт" ЕООД

System opened: 07.1987
Overhead length: 31,6 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 4
Number of passenger vehicles: 20

[ 2013 ]

Network map: 2012

Timetable: 07.2012

A timetable is written rather incoherently. The on time performance is iffy. Upon a reopening of the Routes 15 and 17 in 2012, the headway on the Route 20 during the “rush” hours was increased from 12 min. to 15 min.; the headway on the Route 10 during weekends was increased from 30 min. to 60 min.


[ 2013 ]

A total of 20 vehicles:
ZiU-682V : 15 vehicles (1987)
DAC-Chavdar 317ETR : 5 vehicles (1986)

The rolling stock is in the worst shape found anywhere in Bulgaria.

There was a notable excess of rolling stock prior to a reopening of the Routes 15 and 17 in 2012. Many trolleybuses operated during specific shifts only, for instance during am or during pm hours only.

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