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Founded: IV-II century BC
Population: 91 620 (2011)
All-time maximum population: 114 696 (1991)
Location: Sliven

Network Stats

Operator: Pytnicheski prevozi EOOD

System opened: 24.05.1986
Overhead length: 36,8 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 4
Number of passenger vehicles: 24 (20 operable)
Number of vehicles required for service: 17

Network map: 1988 1995 2006 2012 2014
Timetable: 2014

"Pytnicheski prevozi EOOD oversees both bus and trolleybus services. The following trolleybus routes are opreated: 3, 7, 18 and 201. The Route 118 is a short turn version of the Route 18; while listed in the timetable, it is not operated. The Routes 1, 20 and 120 are not operated. The Route 120 is meant to represent a combination of the Routes 1+20 and is to operate in the eastbound direction only, while the Route 201 represents a combination of the Routes 20+1, and is to operate in the westbound direction only. The two different route designations are necessary due to both eastbound and westbound trolleybuses operating via the same loop in-front of the Main Railroad Station.

The short line to Zavod Dinamo is not operated since the late 2000s, however, the overhead remains intact. The line via Boulevard Khadzhi Dimitar between the city center and the Main Railroad Station was out of servive in the late 2000s / early 2010s. During this time the Route 1 was operated with diesel midibuses, while the Routes 120/201 were suspended, with the Route 20 operating instead. The service via Boulevard Khadzhi Dimitar was reinstated in 2013, however only the Route 201 was reintroduced, using the same route designation for services operating in both directions.

The Routes 3 and 18 serve a semi-derelict industrial park in the south of the city, and mostly operate around rush hours. There is no diesel bus service to the industrial park, thus trolleybuses enjoy a monopoly in this area. However, due to a low ridership, these trolleybus services are heavily subsidized. The Route 3 operates via Stefan Karadzha Boulevard, which is the western spur line to the industrial park, while the Route 18 operates via Tsar Simeon Boulevard, which is the eastern spur line that is shorter and less circumvent. In the morning rush hour the Route 3 operates in the outbound direction only, with trolleybuses returning from the industrial park via the Route 18, the 3 route displays retained. In the evening rush hour the Route 3 operates in both directions. The Route 3 doesn’t operate on weekends, while the Route 18 boasts only two daily trips on weekends. The depot runs for the Routes 7 and 201 operate via the Route 18 or portions of thereof in revenue service, however, these trips are not reflected in the published timetable.

The timetable is more or less observed during rush hours, but is mostly disregarded other times, with service becoming unpredictable, including the scarcely operated Routes 3 and 18. Trolleybus service is often readily substituted with diesel bus service. For instance, the busiest Routes 7 and 201 operated with diesel midibuses through the first half of the year 2014 due to a construction project around Stefan Karadzha Boulevard in the city center. "

Rolling Stock

A total of 24 (20 operable) vehicles:
Škoda 14Tr06 : 24 (1985-1987), including 7 ex-Plovdiv, 1 ex-Sofia

The state of repair of most Škoda trolleybuses shows age and neglect both mechanically and cosmetically. Breakdowns are common. As of 2014 there was no information regarding plans for rolling stock renewals.

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