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• Map with photo locations

2-01. Butina Ul. / Babushkina Ul.
ZIU-682G 239. Line 1 Depot-bound.
Northbound trolleybus continues via the very first trolleybus line in Chita, opened 30 Dec 1970 between the Chita-II Station and the Trolleybus Depot.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-02. Butina Ul. near Balyabina Ul.
ZIU-682G 229. Line 2 TRZ-bound.
The "southerner" 229 is pictured literally further up Butina Ul., as this section of the line is considered the most mountainous in the city. 229 feels fine in Chita despite extreme operating conditions with temperatures fluctuating between +40C during summers and -40C during winters.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-03a. Novobulvarnaya Ul. / Butina Ul.
ZIU-682G 232. Line 2 TRZ-bound.
Trolleybus is pictured on green Novobulvarnaya Ul., as it is about to turn on Butina Ul. toward the city center. The set of wires continuing straight via Novobulvarnaya Ul. was used by the short-lived Line 7 that existed between 1998 and 2001. Otherwise, it is used for depot runs only.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-03b. Novobulvarnaya Ul. / Butina Ul.
ZIU-682G 229. Line 2 TRZ-bound.
The "southerner" 229 arrives 3 minutes later. Some of the unusual windows of "southern" design were replaced with ZIU's domestic standard windows. To the credit of local trolleybus enterprise management, tinted windows were picked for replacement to match the original windows as much as possible. Note special sticks that support the front route destination sign mounted above the windshield, a rather odd local practice.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-04. Novobulvarnaya Ul. near TokmakovaUl.
ZIU-682G 226. Line 2.
Trolleybus arrives at the Stadion ZabVO Terminal of Line 2.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-05a. The Stadion ZabVO Terminal.
ZIU-682G 229. Line 2.
The "southerner" 229 during a short layover at the terminal. 229 seems to be semi-permanently assigned to Line 2. Between 1998 and 2001 the short-lived Line 7 also terminated here, as it operated via a one-way loop between ZabVO - Vokzal - Rynok - ZabVO. Line 7 was later found unprofitable.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-05b. The Stadion ZabVO Terminal.
ZIU-682V 193. Line 2.
193 is about to depart from the terminal via Line 2. This terminal is often simply called "ZabVO" with the word "Stadion" omitted. The stadium is the main sports complex in the city, the entrance is visible in the background. Minibuses try to compete with trolleybuses like in any other modern Russian cities. In Chita, however, at least as of 2004, this was a tough task - trolleybuses operated on a 3-4 min. headway with exemplary regularity, and were determinedly popular with public.
(28 Sep 2004, YM)
2-06. Novobulvarnaya Ul. / Kurnatovskogo Ul., the stop at Mashzavod.
ZIU-682G 207. Line 1 Gor.Bolnitsa-bound.
The trolleybus line continues toward the Depot via Novobulvarnaya Ul. Despite relative proximity to the city center, the street looks rather perepherial.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-07. Bogomyagkova Ul. / Lenina Ul.
ZIU-682V 153. Line 6 Depot-bound.
153 is the oldest trolleybus in service covered in this report, delivered in the mid-1980s. In this photo, it turns from the western section of the main Lenina Ul. onto the newer extension leading to the Depot.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-08. Bogomyagkova Ul. / Chkalova Ul.
ZIU-682G 232. Line 6 Depot-bound.
The second extension to the Depot through Rynok (the market) was opened in 1989. Between 1998 and 2001 this line was also served by Lines 4 and 7, both of which were found unprofitable.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-09. Babushkina Ul. near Bogomyagkova Ul.
VMZ-5298 249. Line 6 Chita-II Station-bound.
249 is pictured passing near the city market. Note utility lines built on the surface. The Rynok terminal is in the background of this photo.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-10. Babushkina Ul. / Shilova Ul.
ZIU-682G 210. Line 6 Chita-II Station-bound.
Trolleybus completes a loop west of the market. Between 1998 and 2001 the loop served as the Rynok Terminal for Line 4.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-11. Shilova Ul. near Podgorbunskogo Ul.
VMZ-5298 249. Line 6 Chita-II Station-bound.

(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-12. Shilova Ul. / Novobulvarnaya Ul.
VMZ-5298 249. Line 6 Chita-II Station-bound.
The point of split between the new and the old extensions to the Depot, and consequently the merging point for Lines 1, 5 and 6. The wirework also allows for a one-way turn from Shilova Ul. onto Novobulvarnaya Ul. for trolleybuses headed from Rynok to Stadion ZabVO. This move was utilized between 1998 and 2001 by Line 7 operating via a clockwise loop Stadion ZabVO - Chita-II Station - Rynok - Stadion ZabVO. The building in the background is an ordinary school.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-13. Novobulvarnaya Ul. near Krasnoy Zvezdy Ul.
ZIU-682V 186. Line 1 Gor.Bolnitsa-bound.
Continuing north via the very first trolleybus line in Chita.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-14a. Krasnoy Zvezdy Ul. near Novobulvarnaya Ul.
ZIU-682G 215. Line 1 Depot-bound.
At this slight curve Novobulvarnaya Ul. officially turn into Krasnoy Zvezdy Ul.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-14b. Krasnoy Zvezdy Ul. near Novobulvarnaya Ul.
ZIU-682V 179. Line 1 Gor.Bolnitsa-bound.
This brightly painted trolleybus seems to bear fleet number 01, thanks to a public add promoting the city's emergency services' phone number. The actual fleet number is 179.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-15. Krasnoy Zvezdy Ul. near 1-ya Avangardnaya Ul.
ZIU-682G 240. Line 1 Depot-bound.

(18 Sep 2004, YM)
2-16. Krasnoy Zvezdy Ul. near Gayusana Ul.
ZIU-682V 174. Line 5 Chita-II Station-bound.
A somewhat rare sighting of trolleybus serving Line 5. This line operates during rush hours only.
(15 Jul 2005, Aleksandr Polsha)
2-17. The Trolleybus Depot Terminal.
ZIU-682V 162 on the left. Line 6, depot pull out.
VMZ-5298 244 and ZIU-682G 242 on the right. Line 1.
162 pulls out of the depot and prepares to enter service, while the other two trolleybuses are laying over between service runs. Trolleybus 242 was the last trolleybus built by TROLZA delivered to the city prior to arrival of VMZ trolleybuses from Vologda.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)

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