Gallery 4

The Western Part

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• Map with photo locations

4-01. Lenina Ul. between Butina Ul. and Zhuravleva Ul.
VMZ-5298 243. Line 6, Chita-II Station-bound.
The western part of Lenina Ul. is the beginning of the line to the neighborhood of Chita-I and TRZ. This section is also used by trolleybuses of Line 6 destined to Rynok (the market). 243 of VMZ-5298 type was the first of the set of 10 new vehicles built in Vologda delivered 11.2003.
(18 Sep 2004, YM)
4-02. Lenina Ul. / Zhuravleva Ul.
ZIU-682G 229. Line 2 ZabVO-bound.
Buildings along the western section of the main Lenina Ul. are notably less grand than those in the east.
(15 Jul 2005, Alexandr Polsha)
4-03. Lenina Ul. / Bogomyagkova Ul.
ZIU-682G 227. Line 3 Sosnoviy Bor-bound.
The point of split between the TRZ line and the newest extension to the Depot via Rynok. Trolleybus in this photo is coming back from the Chita-I neighborhood. Line 6 branches off to viewers' right.
(15 Jul 2005, Alexandr Polsha)
4-04. Komsomolskaya Ul. / Belika Ul.
VMZ-5298 245. Line 3 Sosnoviy Bor-bound.
A road branching off in the background leads to Poselok Tekstilschikov and Poselok Energetikov - huge developments of apartment blocks at the outskirts of the city. Even though these developments generate more than 1/3 of passenger trips in the entire city, they are not served by trolleybuses. The reasons for that are considerable distance coupled with absence of direct access road, mid-route railroad crossings, and the untimely collapse of the Soviet Union.
(15 Jul 2005, Alexandr Polsha)
4-05. Komsomolskaya Ul. near Nedorezova Ul.
ZIU-682V 168 on the left. Line 3 TRZ-bound.
VMZ-5298 245 on the right. Line 3 Sosnoviy Bor-bound.
The line to TRZ is served by Lines 2 and 3. The shared headway is between 1.5-2 minutes. This neighborhood is known as Chita-I, which name originates from the name of the adjacent railroad station Chita-I.
(28 Sep 2004, YM)
4-06. Komsomolskaya Ul. near Shirokaya Ul.
VMZ-5298 245. Line 3 Sosnoviy Bor-bound.
Note progression of the advertising covering 245 in this photo, and in photo 4-04, made a year later. A seemingly noteworthy building in the background happens to be an ordinary food store.
(28 Sep 2004, YM)
4-07. Komsomolskaya Ul. near Kiselnikovskaya Ul.
ZIU-682G 213. Line 3 TRZ-bound.
Wooden housing is common in this part of town.
(28 Sep 2004, YM)
4-08a. The TRZ Terminal.
ZIU-682V 188. Line 2.
The entrance to the TRZ factory (the railroad locomotive factory) is in the background. The factory and the terminal were formerly known as PVRZ.
(28 Sep 2004, YM)
4-08b. The TRZ Terminal.
ZIU-682G 227. Line 3 Sosnoviy Bor-bound.
Trolleybus leaves the terminal toward the city.
(15 Jul 2005, Alexandr Polsha)

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