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The Volchansk - Karpinsk Interuban Line

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• Map with photo locations

4-01. Vostochnaya Ul., the southern Volchanka Terminal, at the Depot.
KTM-5M3 car 9. Southbound.
LIAZ-677 bus. Southbound.
The Volchansk - Karpinsk intercity buses substituted for the closed interurban tram line ever since 22.04.1965. Here a bus overtakes a tram that reached the southern end of the Lesnaya Volchanka - Volchanka line.
(20 Jun 1995, Harald Kuchwalek, from Aare Olander collection)
4-02. An unidentified location in Karpinsk.
MTV-82 fleet numberless car.
The destination sign posted in the windshield reads 'Volchansk - Karpinsk'. The tram is maintained and operated by Komsomol Youth. Driver's name is Alla Schtab, one of many ethnic Germans sentenced to live in this remote area after the World War II.
(1957, Volchansk municipality, from YM collection)
2-03. The Volchansk - Karpinsk Interurban Line.
KTM-1, unidentified car.
The entire 16 km long line was single track with one passing point. The line followed the Volchansk - Karpinsk interurban road. The line was disassembled in 1965 as the enormous dragline coalmining excavator was moved from the Karpinsk open-mining pit to the Volchansk open pit via the motor road. The tramline was never reassembled as by the 1960s buses were readily available to take over the Karpinsk - Volchansk intercity route.
(1965(?), State Archives of the Sverdolvskaya Region, from Aare Olander collection)
4-04. The Lipovaya Gora passing point.
KTM-1 car 10.
According to some old-timers who still remember the line, during the wait at the passing point passengers would spread around in search for mushrooms and berries.
(early 1960s, original photo: A. Aleksandrov, Volchansk, from YM collection)

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