[as of 2012 ]

Founded: 1089-1125 AD, however, settlements existed BC; status of the city as of 1801
Population: 50 800 (2009)
Location: Gori

The city is situated in the Kartli valley at the merge of the rivers Kura and Bolshaya Liahvi. The city is bordered by mountings to the south and to the west. A massive mounting top Gori fortress dominates the city.

Gori is known as the birthplace of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. A memorial house museum is maintained.


[ 2012 ]

A trolleybus network used to cover most of this small city, and also reached surrounding villages. 5 services were operated during the heyday of the system, under the USSR. Operation was gradually cut back after the collapse of the USSR due to lack of financing, and finally folded in 2010. This was the last trolleybus operation in Georgia within the territory under the control of the Georgian government (the city of Sukhum in Abkhazia has trolleybuses, however, that city is not under Georgian government’s control).


[ 2012 ]

System opened: 30.04.1972
System closed: 29.03.2010
Maximum overhead length: 28,4 km. (one-way)
Number of routes at the height of operation: 5


30.04.1972 - The 1st line opens.
1972 - The 2nd line opens.
1979 - The 3rd line opens.
1981 - The 4th line opens.
1990s - Routes 1 and 3 close.
2008 - Route 4 closes after damage from Russian air strikes during the Georgian-Russian war.
29.03.2010 - Operation stops due to lack of financers.
04.2010 - The decision is made to close trolleybus system.

[ 2010 ]

System map: 2010

Between 2008-2010 Route 2 was the only service operated. Through the last year the hours of operation were between 9:00-16:30. The fare was 10 Tetri.


Trolleybuses operated throughout the life of the system:

Škoda 9Tr : 22 vehicles (1972)
Škoda 14Tr : 3 vehicles (early 1980s)
ZiU-682V : 2 vehicles (1990)
ZiU-682V : 3 vehicles (prior to 2006 ex-Tbilisi; before that ex-Athens)

In 2006 there were 12 vehicles available for service.

A number of ZiU-682V were delivered in 2009 after a closure of the trolleybus system in the city of Rustavi.

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