[as of 2012 ]

Location: 322 km. northeast of Bucharest
Founded: 1375
Population: 70 571 (2012)

A small town notable for high population density as it is mostly built up with modern apartment blocks congregated around a single main thoroughfare.


[ 2012 ]

01.05.1994 - The trolleybus system opens.
07.07.2009 - The trolleybus system closes.
07.2011 - The overhead removed (supposedly to be replaced with the new one).


A single trolleybus line traversed the entire town via the main thoroughfare Strada Stefan cel Mare. The line ended in the industrial park within the ciy limits, 1 km. short of the village of Moara Grecilor. Each 2nd trip via the trolleybus corridor was ran with diesel buses destined for Moara Grecilor, with trolleybuses serving short turn runs to Textila only.

Vaslui system was one of a few (and the last surviving) Romanian small-town trolleybus systems that operated without a depot. The Depot was under construction, but was never finished. Trolleybuses were stored and serviced in the streets or in the shed near Autogara (the Bus Station).


Plans to extend the line 1,7 km. further north to the suburban village of Moara Grecilor with European funds surfaced just before the system's closure.


Plans to resurrect the trolleybus system with European funds through the Integrated Urban Development Project, rebuilding the former overhead and adding additional 4 km. of overhead, and purchasing 4-6 trolleybuses. Work on the overhead supposedly started in Spring 2011, and is to continue. If all goes as planned, the new network should be ready by the late 2013 / early 2014.


[ 07.2007 ]

Operator: Transurb
Overhead length: 8,7 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 1
Average operating speed: Up to 18 km/h
Fare collection: Conductor
Number of passenger vehicles: 3

[ 07.2007 ]

System map: 1994 - 2009

Approximate headways:
Weekdays, "rush" hours: 25-35 min. (2 vehicles used)
Outside "rush" hours: 60 min. (1 vehicle used)

Some trolleybus runs are substituted with diesel buses. Trolleybus operation ceases at 16:30 daily, with diesel buses providing service for reminder of the day. In cases of trolleybus breakdowns, affected runs mostly remain unfilled.


[ 1994 - 2009 ]

5 ROCAR 217E vehicles (1994) 501-505

During the last years of operation between 2007-2009 only 3 trolleybuses 503-505 remained. Vehicles 503, 505 were used in service on regular basis, while 504 usually awaited on stand-by at the Autogara terminal. Trolleybus' breakdowns happened on daily basis.

After the system closed in 2009 trolleybuses 503, 505 were transferred to the bus depot for storage, while 504 was stored in the streets at Autogara. In 2011 trolleybuses 503, 505 were scrapped, while 504 was transferred to the bus depot. At the time of writing in 03.2012 trolleybus 504 was the only remaining vehicle one the property, in storage at the bus depot.

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