Photo Gallery 2

Northern Part

The Line to Technologicheskiy Universitet
Lines 7, 8, 10, 15, 16 (+formerly 7u, 8u, 9, 10u, 11, 11a, 15u).
Two successive loops through developments of apartment blocks in the south of the city [map]. The smaller loop via Kostyukova ul. and Korolyova ul. is served with the counter-circular Lines 7 and 8. The Line 7 offers substantially less service than the Line 8. Starting from 07.07.2013 the Line 7 is served with diesel buses. The transit Line 10 provides service to the south-eastern industrial park (this was formerly reinforced by the Lines 9, 9u and 10u). A larger loop via Gubkina ul. is not in service, with an overhead mostly intact. It used to be served with the counter-circular Lines 11 and 11a.

The Line to Vitaminniy Zavod (and the Former Line to ZMK)
Line 10 (+formerly 9, 9u, 10u, 13, 14).
The branch to Vitaminniy Zavod in the south-eastern industrial park [map] is served by the Line 10 operated with a single trolleybus making 6 daily trips on weekdays around rush hours only. Some trips are canceled without notice, mostly in the afternoon. The Line 10 connects the industrial park with the city center by way of the developments of apartment blocks in the south of the city. The Line 14 used to provide the direct connection to the center city. The weekend service on the Line 10 and the Line 14 were suspended on 01.08.2012. The branch to ZMK is unused. It was served by the Lines 9, 9u and 13.

The Line to Rynok Sputnik and the Suburban Line to Posyolok Mayskiy
Lines 15, 16 (+formerly 15u).
The 12 km. long suburban branch [map], including the 6 km. long segment beyond the city limits. Service on the Line 16, only recently abounded, is reduced to a single trolleybus operating about 8 trips daily. The Line 15 continues to the suburban Posyolok Mayskiy. The trolleybus Line 15 was suspended and the Posyolok Mayskiy branch was operated with diesel midibuses between 01.07.2012 – 10.2013. Prior to the closure the Line 15 was operated with a single trolleybus making 5 trips daily. After the reopening it is operated with two trolleybuses and 11 trips daily.

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Photographs by Yury Maller, 13.07.2011 & 18.09.2011

Additional photographs by: Grigoriy Sanzharovskiy (10), Ivan A. (8)

© 2002 Author: Yury Maller - Usage of material found herein for public display is possible with authors' permission only.