Part 3

A detailed description of the tram and trolleybus network

Map with photo locations

50. Trolley 315 is pictured on Engelsa Prospekt running parallel to the recently reopened tram line. It exemplifies the successful local overhaul program that resulted in nearly 30 rebuilt vehicles, which is more than 1/3 of the entire fleet. The rebuilt trolleys are literally "noticeable", as during the rehab the internal electrical equipment is transferred to the roof of the vehicle, thus trolleybuses get furnished with the enormous angle-shaped box. (27 May 2004)
51. Trolleybus 422 is pictured at Revolyutsii Square, at the end of Lenina Prospekt. In the central area of the city all tramway lines run parallel to trolleybus services, yet there is no real competition observed between the two modes, as despite a few exceptions, trams and trolleybuses serve different neighborhoods at the city outskirts. (12 June 2002)
51. This is a historic photograph taken during a short period of time when route 10 run to Pobedy Square. Trolleybus #444 on Prospekt Lenina, near Pochtovaya Ul. This trolleybus is in the outer traffic lane and uses the outer set of wires, as it prepares to turn on Pushkina Square, curiously the turn off itself is a few blocks away. (12 June 2002)
52. Trolley 322 is observed servicing route 2, this picture is taken at Revolyutsii Square. This trolleybus has just completed its run via Engelsa Propsekt. Trolleybuses were forced to take over the load of passengers displaced by the suspension of the tramway line between June 1999 and July 2002. The trams are back, but the loads are still there, the demand for transportation services seems to be completely inelastic as it always exceeds any supply of service provided. (27 May 2004)
53. Pobedy Square is circled by routes #1, 3, 4 and 5 and has previously served as a short-lived terminal for some other routes, briefly extended to the city center, only to be cut back again. Route 10 was observed here in 2002, but was gone by 2004. Trolleybus 421 is serving route 5. (27 May 2004)
54. The intersection of Lezhnevskaya Street / Smirnova Street happens to be the busiest trolleybus junction in the city. No less than 8 out of 10 trolleybus services collide here, with the exception of routes #1 and 10 only. 352 is headed outbound from the city center and is serving the interurban route 6 to Kohma city. Ivanovo has a curious practice of placing trolleybus stops before the intersection, not after the intersection as it is commonly accepted by the other ex-USSR cities. (27 May 2004)
55. The state of condition of some Ivanovo trolleybuses is somewhat inadequate. The same as with trams, it provides for the suspicion that the system is obliged to run whatever it can run in order to comply with the drastic increase in service over the last years, which is especially true for trolleybuses. In this picture, trolleybus 333 spoils the scenery in-front of the Russian Orthodox Church on Smirnova Street. This vehicle is newly rebuilt! (27 May 2004)
56. Route #5 ends at the Melanzheviy Kombinat Terminal, named the same as the tramway terminal a few blocks away. The services are not connected, as there is a considerable walk in-between. (27 May 2004)
57. Trolleybus 383 operates route 7 and is pictured here en-route to Pustosh - Bor. This picture-perfect spot is at the end of Gromoboya Street and is serviced by routes 7 and 8. Some wait for the photo opportunity is possible, but trolleybuses do show up at reliably regular intervals. Both routes 7 and 8 serving this section of the network did not operate at all during power shortages in the past. (see Ivanovo tramway and trolleybus map, 2000). (27 May 2004)
58. Route 4 services the north-western outskirts of the city. It ends abruptly at this Otradnoe Terminal, unable to cross the railroad crossing ahead. Because of that, the line happens to be somewhat short. The areas behind the crossing are served by buses only. Unable to catch any trolleybuses on this route in 2002, the author was surprised to observe a 7 to 8 minute headway in 2004. Route 4 is one of the exceptions to the rule of trolleybuses not competing with trams. It nearly parallels a short tram line #3 that has already seen some reduction in service, thus making tram's existence impractical. (27 May 2004)
59. Pushkina Square serves as the terminal for the routes 1 and 10. Route 5 is a through service as well. Route 10 used to go a few stops further into the city center, to Pobedy square, but was cut back at some point between the visits to the city in 2002 and 2004. Trolleybus 370 represents the sorry state of repair of some local trolleybuses that the system is forced to run. This vehicle was also just recently rebuilt. 370 is serving route 5 and is probably short turned at Pushkina Square. (27 May 2004)
60. Trolleybuses serving routes 5 and 10 are negotiating the privilege of being ahead of one another at Pushkina Square Terminal. (27 May 2004)
61. Trolley 354 crosses the tracks that belong to the tram route 2 at the intersection of Zharova Street / Kuznetsova Street. (27 May 2004)
62. Route 10 continues westwards via Parizhskoy Communy Street. This trolleybus is city-bound, the photo is taken in the vicinity of 19-ya Liniya Street. During the visit in 2002 the author followed the entire length of line route to find only one vehicle in operation. By 2004 this route was worked by as many as 5 trolleybuses. (27 May 2004)
63. The railroad crossing near the western end of route 10. (27 May 2004)
64. The Stantsiya Tekstilniy Terminal at the end of the line served by route 10. (27 May 2004)
65. This newly rebuilt trolley 457 is operating route 7 that serves the areas to the south of the city. This neighborhood has a complicated network of trolleybus services, but no trams. There was a troubling observation made that the routes working these overpopulated areas were somewhat underserved, if compared with the less lucrative routes serving less developed areas. Yet, there were private buses and minibuses observed here in excessive numbers. This picture is taken at Shubinyh Street. (29 May 2004)
66. The Kamvolniy Kombinat terminal. Although this is an official terminal for route #8, all other routes that follow ul. Kukonkovyh are detouring through this terminal for dispatch purposes, as the wire itself is put up in a way that it is impossible to bypass the terminal. Trolleybus 376 and the other trolleybus behind it are locally rebuilt vehicles. 376 decided to take a break here earlier, releasing all its passengers. After a while it is continueing on, without any passengers. (11 June 2002)
67. The interurban trolleybus route between Ivanovo and the city of Kohma. The line is following Kohomskoe shosse and is approximately 16 km long (one way); it possesses purely interurban characteristics. It is served by route #6. Trolleybus 431 is en-route to Kohma Terminal pictured here within Kohma city limits. (29 May 2004)
68. Trolleybus 321 reaches the Kohma Terminal, the secluded spot off the main road. (29 May 2004)
69. These rebuilt-to-look-like-new trolleybuses were found awaiting their future at the trolleybus depot, an impressive sight considering all the trouble the system went through just a few years ago. (29 May 2004)
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