<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><title> Khimki Trolleybus Obus Trackless Trolley Coach ETB </title><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=KOI8-R"></head><body text="#000000" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb( 153,204,255 ); link="#000099" alink="#000099"><center><b> KHIMKI<br>TROLLEYBUS NETWORK </b></center> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/ "target=_blank"><img src=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/a_gb_flag.jpg "></a> <img src="http://ymtram.mashke.org/blank_color_box/blank_blue_1x1.jpg"></a> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/index_ru.html "target=_blank"><img src=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/a_ru_flag.jpg "></a> <hr> <p>[as of 2015 ]<p> <b> City </b><p> Founded: 1850 <br> City as of: 1939 <br> Population: 232 066 (2015) <br> Location: <a href=" https://www.google.com/maps/place/Khimki,+Moscow+Oblast,+Russia/@55.9223775,37.3671409,8z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x46b53f22183e9dc1:0x6085448e92a5b6dd "> Khimki </a><p> A satellite town located to the north of Moscow, just outside of the Russian capital s Belt Highway. Mainly constitutes an apartment block development. Even though administratively independent, the town is practically an extension of Moscow proper. <p> <b> Network Stats </b><p> Operator: <a href=" http://xn--80ajiajcffpivbpic1b6j.xn--p1ai/ "> MUP Khimkielektrotrans </a><p> System opened: 24.04.1997 <br> Overhead length: 17,6 km. (one-way) <br> Number of routes: 3 <br> Number of passenger vehicles: 29 <p> Network map: <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/maps/khimki_map_2010.png "> 2010</a> <br> Timetable: <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/khimki_timetable_2015.jpg "> 2015 </a><p> A small trolleybus system primarily designed as a feeder to Moscow s metro. The Khimki network penetrates the boundaries of Moscow proper, with suburban trolleybuses running to the Planernaya Metro Station. There is, however, no physical connection to Moscow s trolleybus system. The Line 1 provides local service within Khimki, while the Lines 202 and 203 are feeder services to the metro. The metro feeder service might seem inadequate provided passenger flow potentials, especially considering plentiful competition from diesel bus services. The trolleybus service is mostly reliable, with satisfactory timetable adherence. <br><p> <b> History </b><p> 24.04.1997 - Ulitsa Druzhby - Pobedy Ulitsa, Line 1 opens<br>22.09.2001 - The line to Moscow's metro Planernaya opens, Line 2 Druzhby Ulitsa - Planernaya Metro opens<br>01.01.2005 - Line 2 renumbered 22<br>Mid-2005 - Line 22 renumbered 202<br>07.09.2006 - Pobedy Ulitsa - Stadion Rodina, Line 1 extended<br>03.2009 - The Line to Planernaya Metro shortened 300 m.<br>02.09.2009 - Line 203 Stadion Rodina - Planernaya Metro opens <br><p> <b> Rolling Stock </b><p> [ 2015 / total ]<p> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/photos/khimki23470.jpg "> TrolZa-5265.00 Megapolis </a> : 2 / 2 (2013) Low floor <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/photos/khimki23380.jpg "> ZiU-682 KR Ivanovo </a> : 1 / 1 (2012) <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/photos/khimki21550.jpg "> ZiU-682G-016.05 </a> : 12 / 12 (2009-2011) <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/photos/khimki22280.jpg "> ZiU-682GN, ZiU-682G-012, -016, -018 </a> : 14 / 45 (1998-2009) <br> <a hre=" xxx "> AKSM-101PS </a> : 0 / 1 (1998) <br> <a hre=" xxx "> AKSM-101A </a> : 0 / 5 (1996,1997) <br> <a hre=" xxx "> ZiU-682V </a> : 0 / 2 (1987) <p> <b> Photo Gallery </b><p> <a href=" https://goo.gl/photos/G2HHEmbZhc2G1BcY6 "target=_blank"><img src=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/khimki/khimki_preview_3.jpg "></a><p> <hr> <b><a href="http://ymtram.mashke.org/ russia /"> BACK </a></b><br><p> <small><font color="#663333"><small><font face="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"> Last updated: 26-Jul-2015 <br> 2002 Author: <a href="mailto:ymtram@gmail.com" class="alt">Yury Maller</a> - Usage of material found herein for public display is possible with authors' permission only.<br> Special thanks: <img src="http://ymtram.mashke.org/blank_color_box/blank_blue_1x1.jpg"></a> AK (Aleksandr) - Map <p> </font></small></font></small><br>