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Founded: 1838 (incorporated: 1866)
Population: 256 580 (2014)
Location: Novorossiysk

A seaport city on the Black sea.


Network Stats

Northern part of the network opened: 30.05.1934
Southern part of the network opened: 07.11.1940
Operation stopped: 09.1942
Northern part of the network re-opens: 10.08.1946
Break in service, system rehabilitation: 25.11.1947 - 10.07.1948
Tramway closed: 24.08.1969

Gauge: 1524 mm
Track length: 11,7 km. (one-way)

Network map: 1934-1969

The northern and the southern parts of the network were never connected. The system closed temporarily in 09.1942 due to the war. The southern part was not re-opened after the war. Trams were replaced with trolleybuses in 1969.

Rolling Stock

Formerly used vehicles:
Kh, M, MS, PM, PS, KTM-1+КТP-1


Network Stats

Operator: OAO "Trolleybus Novorossiyska" (OAO "TrollNov")

Trolleybus opened: 01.04.1969
Overhead length: 60,5 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 9
Number of passenger vehicles: 64 (50 operable)

Network map: 2011

Rolling Stock

A total of 64 vehicles:
ZiU-682G (35) ; ZiU-682G-016.02/04 (23) ; AKSM-101 (3) ; TrolZa-5275.03 "Optima" (3)

Formerly used vehicles:
ZiU-5D ; ZiU-682B ; ZiU-682V ; LiAZ-5280 (VZTM) ; MTrZ-5279-0000012

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