[as of 2016 ]


Founded: 21.09.1566
Population: 319 550 (2015)
Location: Oryol

Network Stats

Operator: MUP "Tramvayno-Trolleybusnoe Predpriyatie" (MUP TTP)

System opened: 29.10.1968
Overhead length: 76,51 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 5
All-time maximum number of routes: 12 (2003)
Number of passenger vehicles: 82

Network maps: 1968+ 1968 1969 1972 1974 1977
1983 1985 1994 2003 2011 2012 2014

A dense trolleybus network. A well run operation with minimal headways. At the time of writing in 2016, however, the trolleybus system was in decline for a few recent years in a row. A number of well-established services were closed - the Lines 3, 9, 10, 12. The line to Severstal (SPZ) which serves a sizable industrial park in the northeast of the city is not used in revenue service since 2014. In 01-02.2016 there was an attempt to suspend service on the line to Zavokzalniy Posyolok and the Line 8. Acquisitions of new rolling stock abruptly stopped in 2013. Infrastructure shows signs of neglect. Provided this trend continues, there is a good chance the Oryol trolleybus system might close.

Rolling Stock

TrolZa-5265.00 Megapolis : 1 low floor
TrolZa-5264.05 Sloboda : 2
ZiU-682G-016.05, ZiU-682G-018 : 17
ZiU-682G, ZiU-682G-016 : 59
ZiU-682V : 3

Formerly operated:

ZiU-6205 : 7 articulated



Orlovskiy Transport (unofficial, Russian only):


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