<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><title> Vidnoe Trolleybus Obus Trackless Trolley Coach ETB </title><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=KOI8-R"></head><body text="#000000" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb( 250,170,120 ); link="#000099" alink="#000099"><center><b> VIDNOE<br>TROLLEYBUS NETWORK </b></center> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/ "target=_blank"><img src=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/a_gb_flag.jpg "></a> <img src="http://ymtram.mashke.org/blank_color_box/blank_blue_1x1.jpg"></a> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/index_ru.html "target=_blank"><img src=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/a_ru_flag.jpg "></a> <hr> <p>[as of 2015 ]<p> <b> City </b><p> Founded: 1949 <br> City as of: 1965 <br> Population: 59 334 (2015) <br> Location: <a href=" https://www.google.com/maps/place/Vidnoye,+Moscow+Oblast,+Russia/@55.5487325,37.6895809,9z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x414aafd534bed3dd:0xbfec90527efbc229 "> Vidnoe </a><p> A satellite town located to the south of Moscow, just outside of the Russian capital s Belt Highway. Mainly constitutes an apartment block development. Even though administratively independent, the town is practically an extension of Moscow proper. <p> <b> Network Stats </b><p> Operator: <a href=" http://www.mupvit.ru/ "> MUP Vidnovskiy Trolleybusniy Park </a><p> System opened: 09.09.2000 <br> Overhead length: 16,8 km. (one-way) <br> Number of routes: 4 <br> Number of passenger vehicles: 24 <p> Network map: <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/maps/vidnoe_map_2011.png "> 2015</a> <br> Timetable: <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/vidnoe_timetable_2015.jpg "> 2015</a> <p> A small trolleybus network primarily designed as a feeder to a Moscow-oriented commuter railroad service. The Lines 1, 2 and 4 provide combined plentiful service via the main trolleybus node between the Rastorguevo suburban railroad station and apartment block developments. The Lines 3 and 4 provide a rather sparse service to a small industrial park to the east of the town. The timetable is well adhered to, and service reliability is high.<p>Vidnoe is the smallest city in Russia (in terms of population) with trolleybus system. <br><p> <b> History </b><p> 09.09.2000 - Stantsiya Rastorguevo - Zavodskaya Ulitsa - Sovetskaya Ulitsa via a one-way loop, Line 1 opens<br>2002 - Sovetskaya Ulitsa line becomes two-way, Line 2 opens<br>11.09.2005 - From Poliklinika to MKGZ, Line 3 extends, Line 4 opens <br><p> <b> Rolling Stock </b><p> [ 2015 / total ]<p> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/photos/vidnoe21710.jpg "> TMG-7207 Comfort (Bohdan T70110) </a> : 1 / 1 (2013) low floor <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/photos/vidnoe22260.jpg "> TrolZa-5275.03, TrolZa-5275.07 Optima </a> : 3 / 3 (2011, 2013) low floor <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/photos/vidnoe29020.jpg "> ZiU-682G-016.02, ZiU-682G-016.04 </a> : 3 / 3 (2007, 2010) <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/photos/vidnoe21490.jpg "> VMZ-5298.00 (VMZ-375) </a> : 2 / 2 (2008) <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/photos/vidnoe22370.jpg "> ZiU-682G-017 </a> : 4 / 4 (2003) <br> <a href=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/photos/vidnoe21621.jpg "> ZiU-682G-012, ZiU-682G-016 </a> : 11 / 13 (1999-2007) <p> TMG-7207 Comfort trolleybus is practically a copy of a Ukrainian Bohdan T70110 trolleybus. This is the only such specimen in Russia. <br><p> <b> Photo Gallery </b><p> <a href=" https://goo.gl/photos/QRpy2pZGYPs6Z8RS9 "target=_blank"><img src=" http://ymtram.mashke.org/russia/vidnoe/vidnoe_preview_3.jpg "></a><p> <hr> <b><a href="http://ymtram.mashke.org/ russia /"> BACK </a></b><br><p> <small><font color="#663333"><small><font face="Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"> Last updated: 18-Jul-2015 <br> 2002 Author: <a href="mailto:ymtram@gmail.com" class="alt">Yury Maller</a> - Usage of material found herein for public display is possible with authors' permission only.<br> Special thanks: <img src="http://ymtram.mashke.org/blank_color_box/blank_blue_1x1.jpg"></a> AK (Aleksandr) - Map <p> </font></small></font></small><br>