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Founded: 6000 BC
Population: 1 636 229 (2012)
Location: Adana

Network Stats

Operator: Adana Büyükşehir Belediyesi

Construction (with a break due to cost overruns): 28.01.1999 - 2002; 2008+
Phase I Hastane - Vilayet opened and operated in test mode (free rides): 03.2009 - 06.2009
System re-opened with phase II added Vilayet - Akincilar: 14.05.2010
Power collection: Overhead
Gauge: 1435 mm.
Track length: 13,926 km. (two-way)
Track length by right-of-way type: 3,521 km (tunnel); 5,332 km (elevated); 5,073 km (surface)
Number of routes: 1
Number of stations: 13
Running time in one direction: 24 min.
Annual ridership: 14 000 000 (2011)
Number of passenger vehicles: 36
Number of vehicles required for service: 24
Cars per train: 3 (occasionally 2)

Network map: 2013
Hours of operation and intervals: Winter Summer

A single line could be described as a light metro line with overhead current collection. The line is on 100% segregated right-of-way: the outer segment follows street medians with occasional short tunnels; the central segment partly encircles the city center via an elevated flyover; there is a 2-km. long underground segment on approach to the city center. The line connects affluent northern neighborhoods with the slums in the south of the city, while somewhat missing major passenger-generating points within the city center. The system is therefore somewhat underused, and gets away with 10 minute intervals throughout the day and early 21:00 shutdown. Trains operate underloaded. Three-car trains are alternated with occasional two-car trains (due to operable equipment shortages), operated on the same interval, with no notable passenger load consequences. Security is of high concern, mostly due to proximity of the Syrian border and a thereat of terrorism in the area. The entire line is protected with barriers topped with barbed wire, including street medians, which makes the whole installation exceedingly unsightly. Photography is strictly forbidden.

Rolling Stock

A total of 36 vehicles:
Hyundai (2002)

Photos on map

Photo review of the line Akincilar - Hastane


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