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Central Core Tramway Lines

Oboronnaya Ulitsa
Lines 6, 13 (formerly 5, 10, 15).
The main north – south tramway corridor via the modern part of the city center [map], also serving Avtovokzal (the Main Bus Station). The only tramway line in the city boasting adequate service with trams operating every 8-16 min. Tracks are on a mixed traffic right-of-way, however, driving on tracks is almost impossible for cars.

Frunze Ulitsa
Lines 1, 6, 7, 11, 13 (formerly 5, 9, 10, 15).
The main east – west tramway corridor via the old part of town [map], also serving the “Luganskteplovoz” (the Railroad Locomotive) factory, city’s traditional principal employer. All tracks are on a mixed traffic right-of-way. Layovers at the city’s main “Luganskteplovoz” tramway terminal are scheduled on main through tracks – there are no passing points.

Lenina Ulitsa Line to 3 Kilometr
Lines 1, 2 (formerly 5, 9, 14).
A line to the formerly important 3 Km. railroad station on the fringes of the old town [map]. A dilapidated area around the station is overtaken by an unofficial market, spilling into the tramway loop. The market is a reason for the Line 1 being the only tramway route in the city with more service on weekends, than on weekdays (2 cars vs. 1 car). A small area of genuine old Lugansk remains undeveloped in the vicinity of the Main Railroad Station, since a monstrous 1990s infrastructure project around the Station diverted traffic away from Lenina Ul. Trams were meant to use the lower level of an elaborate ramp built at the new entrance to the Station, with trolleybuses using the upper level. These plans never materialized, instead the tramway line was pushed under the ramp, becoming irrelevant. Except for a small area in the old town, tramway tracks on Lenina Ul. are laid entirely on an extra wide median.

Sosyury Ulitsa – Khersonskaya Ulitsa
Line 2.
The east – west tramway corridor through the modern part of the city center [map]. The line was meant to lessen the load on the parallel Frunze Ul. line via the old town. The first segment, opened in 1969, ended with a 3-point turnaround at the Tsirk (the Circus) Terminal. The line was extended toward massive developments of apartment blocks in the east of the city once a deep ravine was filled in 1977. The tracks are on a mixed traffic right-of-way, however, driving over tracks is difficult for cars. In 2014 the line was served with 2-3 trams operating every 25-50 min., with some runs often abandoned.

Gudovantseva Ulitsa – 26 Bakinskih Komissarov Ulitsa
Line 8, 10, 11.
A semi-belt tramway corridor encircling the central area on the east [map]. The first segment to Gorodok Parovozostroitelnogo Zavoda opened in 1934, but was partially dismantled in 1968. There are no known photographs of this former segment of the line. The second segment to Volgogradskaya Ul. opened in 1957. The line became a semi-belt in 1973, with the opening of an extension toward Avtovokzal. The line has very limited service. In 2014 it was served with the semi-circular Line 10, operating with 1 car every 57 min. Lines 8 and 11 operated with 1 car each during rush hours only, on the 67 and 94 min. intervals respectively. The latter services cover one quarter of the semi-belt line each. The line is entirely on a reservation. The Volgogradskaya Ul. loop is abandoned.

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Photographs by Yury Maller, 2006-2013

Additional photographs by: Kostj Kozlov, Aare Olander, Stefen Spengler, Thomas Fischer, Anton Kochurov, Yaroslav Luchenetskiy,
Dmitriy Aksenov, Sergey Maksimov, Volodya Tsarenko, Vladimir Tsokur, Trekhgranka, MAXMASTER, tavalex2007

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