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Founded: 1934; status of the city: 1958
Population: 109 959 (01.11.2012)
Location: Severodonetsk

The city comprises collection of classic Soviet-era apartment blocks, satellite to the gigantic “Azot” chemical plant, the largest facility of its kind in Europe. Sustainable manufacturing at the plant translates into a relative well-being of the town.

Network Stats

Operator: KP "Severodonetskoe Trolleybusnoe Upravlenie"

System opened: 23.01.1978
Overhead length: 55,4 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 6
Number of passenger vehicles: 44
Maximum number of passenger vehicles ever operated: 114 (1989)
Passengers carried annually: 28 112 500 (2012)
Maximum passengers ever carried annually: 41 450 000 (1990)

System maps (by Stain-netru and Aleksandr Yakubenko):
1978.01 1978.05 1979 1980 1984 1985 1986 1989 1989 1989 1995 2012

Lines and intervals: 2013

A well run trolleybus system, one of the best in the otherwise depressed Donbass region. Relative success could be attributed in part to traditional soviet-era management style. 10 Belarus-made BKM-321 low floor trolleybuses were delivered in 2011 as a present from the “Azot” plant to the city. The choice of a model was not up to the transport management. The cheapest on the market, BKM-321 vehicles proved unreliable, with difficulties in supplying parts from a foreign manufacturer. The Line 2 is operated on weekdays, during rush hours only. Following a period of sporadic operation in the 2000s, the Line 4 was suspended in 2008. It is now operated on holidays only, during mass events in the city center. In 1990 construction began on the interurban line Severodonetsk – Lisichanks, but the project was abandoned in 1993. The Zavod "Proletariy" terminal of the Lisichansk trolleybus system is only 3,2 km. away from the Ammiak trolleybus line in Severodonetsk.

Rolling Stock

A total of 44 vehicles:
ZiU-682V 17 vehicles (1987-1989)
YuMZ T1 3 vehicles (1993-1995) (articulated, shortened 2003-2011)
YuMZ T2 10 vehicles (1995-2008) (5 ex. Kiev)
ZiU-682G-016.03 2 vehicles (2006)
Dnipro E187 2 vehicles (2007,2008)
BKM-321 10 vehicles (2011)

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