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2-01. The outbound 6-car train charges through the neighborhoods of the western section of Michigan City at full 30 mph as it crosses Donnelly St. via W 10 St. during the early PM rush hour. Warning bells are not used when crossing minor interactions. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-02. The outbound train crosses a relatively important intersection at W 10 St. / Willard Ave, equipped with railroad crossing bells and lights, although this intersection is not controlled by traffic lights when trains are not present. Trains also sound bells upon passing through this intersection. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-03. The late evening outbound train passes through the... railroad crossing with Chesepeake and Ohio Railroad at W 10 St. near Chicago St. The South Shore Line train bends over the slightly elevated trackbed of this segregated freight railroad. At this point the line also curves and cuts through city blocks as it crosses from W 10 St. onto W 11 St. Note traffic railroad crossing lights, as well as railroad signals mounted before the crossing. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-04. Traffic on W 11 St. in Michigan City, which is the main corridor used by the South Shore Line for passage through the city. The bus is turning onto Franklin St., at the same time the outbound train is appearing in the background further up the street at Tennessee St. The traffic sign on the right says 'No Trucks' in conjunction with 'You are now entering a public safety improvement zone'. A poor attempt to cope with what is perceived by local authorities as dangers of train's street running? (09-June-2005, YM)
2-05. The train runs through green lights with the flow of automobile traffic via W 11 St. as it crosses Wabash St. Note the school zone and the 15 mph restriction this train is passing through at the moment. Also note two cars on the right preparing to make a left turn. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-06. The same two cars get shushed away by the mass of the approaching 8-car heavy rapid train at W 11 St. / Franklin St. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-07. A car driver's view of the rear of the outbound train charging through the intersection of W 11 St. / Washington St. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-08. The outbound rush hour 6-car train stops at the Michigan City Station, officially known as the 11th Street Station. While passengers unload from the front of the train at East 11 St. and Pine St., the rear of the train ends up on West (!) 11 St. between Washington St. and Franklin St. Thus, city's main Franklin St. gets temporarily blocked off by the train, the street light stays green for East / West 11 Streets, red for Franklin St. Car's movement is still possible while train is stopped for the station, which black Pontiac in this photo readily takes advantage of. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-09. The 11th Street Station, Michigan City, IN. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-09. The next train to arrive from Chicago happens to be a mid-rush hour 8-car train, which reached Michigan City only by the sunset. The train passes next to the former building of the South Shore Line Michigan City Station. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-09. The same 8-car train stops at the 11th Street Station at E 11 St. and Pine St. The rear of the train ends up somewhere back at Washington St. Franklin St. and Pine St. are also blocked by the train. Passengers disembark from the 1st and 2nd cars only, one door per car is opened. The only protection from moving cars are the watchful eye of the conductor and the sign that says 'Danger - Stop here for trains when lights flushing'. The only lights that are flushing throughout the process are those in front of the train itself. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-10. The outbound train continues eastward via E 11 St. at Spring St. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-11. The next eastbound train snakes around the curve at E 11 St. between Cedar St. and Lafayette St. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-12. The eastbound train moves via city street at 30 mph, as seeing from a moving car at E 11 St. / Maple St. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-13. Two stretches of tracks laid using different techniques meet at E 11 St. near East Michigan Boulevard. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-13. The outbound train crosses wide East Michigan Boulevard. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-13. The outbound train crosses East Michigan Boulevard at the eastern end of E 11 St. Right turns from E 11 St. are possible even when railroad crossing light are flushing. Street running section ends at this intersection. (09-June-2005, YM)
2-14. The segregated right-of-way through the neighborhoods of eastern Michigan City, east of East Michigan Boulevard. (09-June-2005, YM)

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