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Founded: 12.11.1875
Population: 198 397 (2010)
Location: Tacoma

A heavily industrial port city in the state of Washington.

Network Stats

Operator: SoundTransit

The first streetcar system oerated: 1888 - 08.04.1938
Modern streetcar system opened: 22.08.2003
Overhead length: 4,18 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 1
Annual ridership: 1 024 053 (2012)
Number of passenger vehicles: 3
Number of vehicles required for service: 2
General interval: 12 min. (2 cars used)
Early AM, late PM and Sundays interval: 24 min. (1 car used)
Network map: 2014

A single line with 5 stops constitutes Tacoma’s streetcar starter project. The line connects the Sounder Seattle – Tacoma commuter rail station, the sports arena and adjacent parking lots, to the downtown area. The ride is free. The southern part of the line is single track; the northern part is double track. Further extensions are being actively planned.

Rolling Stock

A total of 3 vehicles: Škoda 10T (2003)

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