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Founded: 16.07.1790
Population: 681 170 (2016)
Location: Washington DC

Capital of the USA.

Network Stats

Horse tram opened: 29.07.1862
Electric tram opened: 17.10.1888
Electric tram closed: 28.01.1962
Metro opened: 27.03.1976
Modern electric tram opened: 27.02.2016

The Anacostia Line

Gauge: 1435 mm
Track length: 2,5 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 1

Network map: 2016

The Anacostia modern streetcar line was an active project since 13.11.2004. The actual construction proceeded between 09.2009 — 26.08.2010. The first draft of the line included the use of the railroad right-of-way, however, this plan was later abandoned due to a property ownership dispute. The second draft included the use of city streets. The line was built to a high level of readiness, but following $25 000 000 spent on physical infrastructure, the construction was stopped, and the line was mothballed. Tracks in the eastern end of the line, near the Anacostia Metro Station, were paved over. The Depot was practically finished, and is currently known as the Testing and Commissioning Site. The rolling stock which operates on the second streetcar line, the H Street - Benning Road LIne, was stored at the Anacostia facility prior to that line's opening. The cars were also tested via the portion of the Anacostia Line.

The northeastern half of the line is a two-track line, while the southern half of the line is a single track.

The H Street - Benning Road Line

Operator: DC Streetcar
Streetcar tracker on map: DC Streetcar

System opened: 27.02.2016
Gauge: 1435 mm
Track length: 7,8 km. (one-way)
Number of routes: 1
Daily ridership: 3 805 (07.2017)
Number of passenger vehicles: 6

Network map: 27.02.2016

The H Street — Benning Road modern streetcar line was an active project since 20.01.2006. The actual construction proceeded between 07.2009 — 08.2014. The opening date for the line was originally announced as 10.2013, however, the line opened on 27.02.2016 only.

Normally 4 out 6 trams are operated via the line, running approximately every ~12 minutes. An additional car is usually parked on the middle track at the junction near the depot as an active spare, while the remaining sixth car undergoes routine maintenance.

The routing is rather inefficient. Streetcars operate through the area of the city undergoing revitalization and gentrification, which the line is designed to support. However, the western terminal of the line is located on the viaduct behind the Union Station, rather long walking distance away from the main railroad hub it is supposed to serve. At the same time the eastern terminal is located some 800 meters away form the metro line station located nearby, thus falling short of making a transfer. Consequently the streetcar line's patronage is minimal with vehicles operating lightly loaded, mostly used for short distance local hop-ons.

The ride on streetcars is free.

Rolling Stock

Inekon 12 Trio : 3 (2007)
United Streetcar 100T : 3 (2013)

3 Inekon 12 Trio cars were built in the Czech Republic in 2007. Delivery to the USA was delayed until 2009 due to absence of storage facility in Washington DC.

3 United Streetcar 100T trams were built in the USA. The United Streetcar car builder company dissolved 12.2015 after only 17 trams were built.

All newly delivered trams were first stored at the Anacostia Line Depot. While waiting for completion of the H Street - Benning Road the manufacturer's warranty for Inekon 12 Trio trams ran out. Testing of cars was done along a part of the Anacostia Line.

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