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The Western Line to BAZ

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• Map with photo locations

1-01d. Popova Ul. / Bazstroevskaya Ul., the Trampark Stop.
KTM-5M3 car 4 to the left. Westbound.
KTM-5M3 car 2 to the right. Eastbound.
Car 4 is about to depart from the city's main tram stop and passing point, and take us on a tour of the Western branch of the East - West Line. This reserved car was just pulled out to substitute for car 1 that developed a minor malfunction.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
1-01e. Popova Ul. / Bazstroevskaya Ul.
KTM+KTP-1. Eastbound.
This photo is taken shortly after the Eastern Line was extended to BAZ, and thus the Western Line appeared. The tramway tracks are new, while the street and the city in the background are not built yet. The photograph depicts the initial alignment of the Trampark passing point.
(1957, Krasnotur'insk municipality, from YM collection)
2-01a. Popova Ul. / Frunze Ul.
Spektr 71-402 car 3 to the left, serving the South - North Line 2, southbound.
KTM-5M3 car 4 to the right, serving the East - West Line 1, westbound; KTM-5M3 car 2 in the back, eastbound.
A hard-to-catch shot with trams serving both tram lines meeting at city's main tramway interchange.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
2-01b. Popova Ul. / Frunze Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 2. Eastbound.
Returning from BAZ.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
2-02. Metallurgov Ul. / Popova Ul., the Metallurgov Ul. Stop.
KTM-5M3 car 4, followed by KTM-5M3 car 1. Westbound.
Car 4 has just relieved the malfunctioned car 1. Passengers were transferred from one car to another at the depot, around the corner. Due to the layout of tracks, in order to back up into the depot shed, car 1 has to travel the entire Western Line and back, running behind car 4.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
2-03a. Metallurgov Ul. / Oktyabrskaya Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 4. Eastbound.
The pedestrian-only alleyway leading to the BAZ plant. Tracks split prior to the loop, thus technically forming the only short 30 meter long double-tracked section in the city.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
2-03b. Metallurgov Ul. / Oktyabrskaya Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 1. Eastbound.
The partially disabled car 1 still follows car 4 as it pulls out of the loop. The BAZ plant main building is in the background. BAZ stands for Bogoslovskiy Aluminieviy Zavod [the Bogoslovskiy Aluminum Factory].
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
2-04a. The BAZ Terminal.
KTM-5M3 car 2.
Rush hour loading after the shift change at the plant. Most passengers will travel for three stops only, to the main Bazstroevskaya Ul. Stop, a distance walkable in less than 15 min. All trams, whether old or new, operate the front and the middle doors only. The reason for this is not immediately clear, but most probably this is done to help the conductor to keep an eye on passenger circulation. The usual layover at the BAZ Terminal is 2 min.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
KTM-5M3 car 2.
Older KTM-5M3 cars' interior feels rather worn out. This is mostly due to hard wooden seating, cracked windows and excessive noise.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
1-01f. Popova Ul. / Bazstroevskaya Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 1.
Upon completing a run without passengers via the entire BAZ line and back, the partially disabled car 1 is now placed in position to be backed up into the depot.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
1-01g. Popova Ul. / Bazstroevskaya Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 1.
Backing up into the depot; note the bow current collector management techniques upon backward movements.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
2-05. An unidentified location.
Crude car maintenance of early cars, literally performed in the field.
(Mid-1950s, Krasnotur'insk municipality, from YM collection)

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