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The Northern Line to Zh.D. Depot (6-ya Seriya)

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• Map with photo locations

4-01a. Frunze Ul. / Popova Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 3. Southbound.
Returning from a trip via the city's longest line to the northern facilities of the BAZ plant. This car will be scrapped in 2004, and the fleet number will be re-assigned to the new Spektr 71-402 car.
(24 Mar 2003, Aare Olander)
4-01b. Frunze Ul. / Popova Ul.
Spektr 71-402 car 3. Northbound.
The 'new' car 3 passes the same spot en-route to the industrial park. The passenger load pictured here is as much people as trams serving this line collect during most of the day.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-02a. Frunze Ul. / Oktyabrskaya Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 11. Northbound.
Only one stop away from the city center the landscape turns semi-industrial.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-02b. Frunze Ul. / Oktyabrskaya Ul.
KTM+KTP-1. Northbound.
Note the unusual livery used in the city in the 1960/70s.
4-03a. Frunze Ul. / Zavodskaya Ul., the ZhBIK Stop.
Spektr 71-402 car 3 to the left. Northbound.
KTM-5M3 car 11 to the right. Southbound.
Under the service arrangement at the time, this passing point served as the scheduled meet between two remaining trams serving the South - North line.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-03b. Frunze Ul. / Zavodskaya Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 11. Southbound.
The thoroughly cleaned tramway railroad crossing. While gates are used to protect trains from automobile traffic, trams are only regulated by a signal.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-04. Frunze Ul. north of Zavodskaya Ul.
KTM-5M3 car 11. Southbound.
The BAZ complex overwhelms the landscape in this part of the city. The tramline goes along the eastern boundary of the combine serving the northern entrances. Here the tram passes the signal at the approach to the railroad crossing.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-05. Frunze Ul., approaching the OMZ Stop.
KTM-5M3 car 11. Northbound.

(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-06a. South of the Zh.D. Depot Terminal.
KTM-5M3 car 11. Northbound.
Approaching the terminal with the northern sector of the BAZ plant known as 6-ya Seriya in the background.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-07a. The Zh.D. Depot [the Railroad Depot] (also known as OZhDTs, or 6-ya Seriya) Terminal.
KTM-5M3 car 11.
The scheduled layover time at this deserted terminal is 6 minutes. The northern line hapens to be the latest development of the Krasnoturyinks tramway. The line opened in 1959.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-07b. The Zh.D. Depot (OZhDTs, 6-ya Seriya) Terminal Loop
KTM-5M3 car 11. Southbound.
Leaving the terminal for a trip back to the city.
(07 Feb 2007, YM)
4-06b. South of the Zh.D. Depot Terminal.
KTM-5M3 car 4. Southbound.
En-route back toward the city, the summer scene.
(18 Jul 2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)

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