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Main Tramway Network: Line 2 to Zharovikha

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• Map with photo locations

10-01a. Uritskogo Ul. / Lomonosova Pr.
RVZ-6M2 392+393 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Leaving the Uritskogo Terminal for Zharovikha. This train is rare example of two consecutively numbered cars coupled into the same consist.
(Aare Olander, 13 May 2002)
10-01b. Uritskogo Ul. / Lomonosova Pr.
RVZ-6M2 400 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
400 is former 367, cars were swapped on this fleet number after the original 400, also featured in this report, disintegrated in the fatal traffic accident in Solombala in September of 2002.
(Aleksey Chernov, 11 May 2004)
10-02. Lomonosova Pr. / Krasnoarmeyskaya Ul.
RVZ-6M2 399 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
The Zharovikha line begins with a short stretch of track laid on mixed traffic right-of-way.
(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
10-03. Lomonosova Pr. / Parizhskoy Kommuny Ul.
RVZ-6M2 377+378 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
During the June 2002 visit, only three 2-car train sets were found, all operated Line 2 during rush hours. It is 16:30 now, but this train is headed to the Depot, the business day in Arkhangelsk is apparently over. The train is about to cross over toward the side of the road, onto the reservation.
(YM, 14 Jun 2002)
10-04a. Leningradskiy Pr., the Kommunalnaya Ul. Stop.
LM-93 524 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound on the left.
RVZ-6M2 389 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound on the right.
The crossover from the center to the side of the road is located under the viaduct in the background. From this point on, an entire line to Zharovikha will stay on the reserved right-of-way. Thus, as much as 95% of the last operating tram line in the city was actually on the reservation. This fooled many common sense transportation professionals into believing that the very last operating tramway Line 2 is bound to survive. The consecutive killing of the tramway, however, as usually, did not reflect any common sense.
(Aleksey Chernov, 11 May 2004)
10-04b. Leningradskiy Pr., the Kommunalnaya Ul. Stop.
LM-93 522 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Trams assumed a role of a major transportation node of the southern part of Arkhangelsk. The Leningradskiy Pr. line was traditionally popular and had a strong and stable passenger patronage with daily usage hovering around 40,000 riders. Note a tight space allocated for the outbound tramway stop.
(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
10-04c. Leningradskiy Pr., approaching the Kommunalnaya Ul. Stop.
RVZ-6M2 396+393 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.

(Aleksey Chernov, 01 Feb 2003)
10-04d. Leningradskiy Pr., the Kommunalnaya Ul. Stop.
RVZ-6M2 396+393 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.

(Aleksey Chernov, 01 Feb 2003)
10-05. Leningradskiy Pr., between Kommunalnaya Ul. and Pavla Usova Ul.
RVZ-6M2 399 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound on the left.
RVZ-6M2 392 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound on the right.
Photographs taken on this day are probably the last known images of regular tramway service in Arkhangelsk. The system will be dead in 70 days.
(Aleksey Chernov, 11 May 2004)
10-06. Leningradskiy Pr. / Pavla Usova Ul.
LM-93 507+523 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
This train set will be broken into two single cars soon after the photograph was taken, during the uncoupling campaign of 2002. After a brief period of operation as single cars, however, all but one LM-93 motor-trailers, ended up parked at the Depot indefinitely, apparently overwhelmed by years of been pushed around as trailers.
(Aare Olander, 13 May 2002)
10-07. Leningradskiy Pr., the Oktyabryat Ul. Stop.
RVZ-6M2 390 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.
The stop near the branch off toward the Depot.
(Aleksey Chernov, 01 Feb 2003)
10-08a. Kasatkinoy Ul., near the Depot.
RVZ-6M2 404 Line 1, depot pull-out trip.

(Aleksey Chernov, 01 Feb 2003)
10-08b. Kasatkinoy Ul. / Rabochaya Ul.
RVZ-6M2 404 Line 1, depot pull-out trip.
The depot is laid back away from the mainline. Here 404 is making its way toward the Leningradskiy Pr. line. The loop comprised of two single depot access tracks running on paralleled streets was previously used as a turnaround for trams serving Line 5 terminating at the Oktyabryat Ul. Terminal.
(Aleksey Chernov, 01 Feb 2003)
10-09. Leningradskiy Pr., near Prokopiya Galushkina Ul.
LM-93 518 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound.
Most tracks along Leningradskiy Pr. were in good shape, allowing for relatively high speeds. This too provided for unrealized speculations that this particular line might survive.
(Aleksey Chernov, 11 May 2004)
10-10a. Leningradskiy Pr., near Prokopiya Galushkina Ul.
LM-93 517 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
The Leningradskiy Pr. line sideswipes a number of modern apartment block developments, which guaranteed strong patronage. This is a rare appearance of the former LM-93 motor-trailer during a brief period of operation as single unit in regular service.
(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
10-10b. Leningradskiy Pr., near Krasnoy Zvezdy Ul.
RVZ-6M2 382 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.
Even though many modern apartment developments are located some distance away from the tracks, many residents preferred walking to trams for a cheap and easy ride, as opposed to extra expense and extra hassles offered by private carriers.
(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
10-11a. Leningradskiy Pr. / Kooperativnaya Ul.
RVZ-6M2 385 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Crossing over from the eastern to the western side of the road.
(Aleksey Chernov, 11 May 2004)
10-11b. Leningradskiy Pr. / Kooperativnaya Ul.
RVZ-6M2 398 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound.
Two crossovers such as this, with trams crossing at odd angle head-on to the rest of traffic, were considered weak spots of the line from traffic engineering perspective.
(Aleksey Chernov, 25 Feb 2004)
10-12. Leningradskiy Pr., the Takelazhnaya Stop.
LM-93 512 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
From this point on, the line will continue via the western side of Leningradskiy Pr., next to the Severnaya Dvina River.
(Aleksey Chernov, 25 Feb 2004)
10-13. Leningradskiy Pr., the LDK-3 Stop.
RVZ-6M2 384 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
The grand viaduct providing a backdrop for this shot belongs to the Lesozavod Nomer 3 [the Lumber Mill Number 3]. It is used to deliver timber from the plant toward the river. Arkhangelsk boasts at least 23 mills like this, nowadays city's economy is totally depended on wood processing, which is the most prosperous, if not the only one, local industry.
(Aleksey Chernov, 25 Feb 2004)
10-14. Leningradskiy Pr., the Shkola 95 Stop.
LVS-86T 503 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.
An extremely rare appearance by only one out of six LVS-86T articulated tramcars still in working order. This lonely survivor will last in sporadic on-and-off operation until 10.2002.
(YM, 14 Jun 2002)
10-15a. Leningradskiy Pr., the Dachnaya Ul. Stop.
RVZ-6M2 388 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.
Passing under the structure of the new bridge over the Severnaya Dvina River.
(Aleksandr Morozov, July 2002)
10-15b. Leningradskiy Pr., the Dachnaya Ul. Stop.
LM-93 518 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.

(Aleksandr Morozov, July 2002)
10-15c. Leningradskiy Pr., leaving the Dachnaya Ul. Stop.
RVZ-6M2 398 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Continuing onto Zharovikha. A mid-route short turn Nikitova Ul. Loop is seen in the distance.
(Aleksandr Morozov, July 2002)
10-16. Leningradskiy Pr., the Nikitova Ul. Loop.
LVS-86T 500 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
The original LVS-86T (Thyristor) car in operation in 1994, one year after it was delivered to the city. Note the absence of both headlights. Here it passes a mid-route short turn loop.
(Aare Olander, 18 Jun 1994)
10-17. Leningradskiy Pr. / Revolutsii Ul.
RVZ-6M2 388 Line 2, Gagarina-bound.
A mixture of old wooden northern architecture and new concrete apartment blocks along the attractive right-of-way of the final stretch of the Zharovikha line.
(Aleksandr Morozov, July 2002)
10-18a. The Zharovikha Terminal.
LM-93 516 Line 2.
The Zharovikha Terminal is also known as Lesozavod Nomer 2, or EPZ Krasniy Oktyabr. Here 516 awaits its scheduled departure.
(YM, 14 June 2002)
10-18b. Entering the Zharovikha Terminal loop.
LM-93 516 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Leaving the terminal toward the city. Incidentally, a different photographer caught up with the same car as in the previous photo at the same location a month later, effectively turning the last two photographs into a sequence. The disassembled switch used to lead to the second track of the loop.
(Aleksandr Morozov, July 2002)

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