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Main Tramway Network: Southern Loop and Uritskogo Terminal

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• Map with photo locations

6-01a. Lomonosova Pr. / Uritskogo Ul.
RVZ-6M2 403 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound.
The most photographed tramway interchange in the city, just off the Uritskogo Terminal. Car 403 is returning from Zharovikha and enters a single track loop that encircles a few city blocks at the southern edge of the city center. At the time of this photo, Arkhangelsk trams had only 2 months to live, the Zahrovikha Line 2 was the only surviving service, and trams no longer went to the city center.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-01b. Lomonosova Pr. / Uritskogo Ul.
RVZ-6M2 392 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound on the left.
RVZ-6M2 390 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound on the right.
Car 392 enters a lengthy loop for a turnaround, while 390 has just completed the loop and leaves the Uritskogo Terminal Stop for a trip back to Zharovikha.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-01c. Lomonosova Pr. / Uritskogo Ul.
RVZ-6M2 410 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound on the left.
LM-93 516 Line 2 Zharovikha-bound on the right.
The next duo of trams appears shortly thereafter. The service level on one remaining line increased dramatically prior to the closure of the system. The headway was down to as little as 3 minutes during rush hours. This was due to the rolling stock freeing up after initial system cut backs, as well as due to tram enterprise pushing for robust image while sensing clouds gathering over the fate of the system.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-01d. Lomonosova Pr. / Uritskogo Ul.
LM-93 516 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound.
St. Petersburg-built LM-93 cars delivered in the mid-1990s, were Arkhangelsk's answer to aging tram fleet dilemma. While more attractively looking than outdated RVZ-6M2 cars, LM-93s were still noisy, shabby and unreliable. They spent disproportionally more time at repair shops than their older counterparts. These cars were only about 9 years old when they met their end in 2004 upon system's closure.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-02. Lomonosova Pr. / R.Kulikova Ul.
RVZ-6M2 399 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound.
Meeting traffic head on a segregated right-of-way, trams make there way westward toward the city center. Note wooden sidewalks, commonly used in the far northern Russian cities.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-03. Lomonosova Pr. / Rozy Lyuksemburg Ul.
LM-93 512 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound.
The next car catches up within a few minutes. Views involving classic northern architecture were a trade mark of the former Arkhangelsk tramways.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-04. Lomonosova Pr. / Vyucheyskogo Ul.
LM-93 506 Line 2, Uritskogo-bound.
This was as far as trams went with respect to the city center in 2004, during the last year of operation. From here on there was no longer an option to take a tram through the city, but either to pay a premium transfer fare to private commercial carriers, or simply walk. Strictly geographically speaking, from 06.2003 to 21.07.2004, this spot became the northernmost tramway point in the world.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-05. Vyucheyskogo Ul. / Severnoy Dviny Nab.
RVZ-6M2 406 Line 1, Krasnaya Kuznitsa-bound.
As of the date of this photograph, made 2 days prior to the first cutback marking the beginning of the gradual castration of the system, trams still operate the entire uninterrupted network. This tram is about to turn onto Troitskiy Prospect, toward the city center and Solombala. Upon the end of tramway operation, this unsightly street will be transformed into a street market. The market would eventually take over the tracks when trams are gone.
(Aare Olander, 13 May 2002)
6-06. Severnoy Dviny Nab. / Vyucheyskogo Ul.
LM-93 518+519 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Continuing via the loop by way of switching back east via the Severnaya Dvina Naberezhnaya [Embankment]. Here tramway tracks a laid through the square in-front of the now-mostly-defunct Seaport Passenger Terminal. The embankment was also served by trolleybuses, namely Line 2, which was suspended in the early 1990s. Note loose ends hanging off the wirework, which used to carry trolleybus overhead. The trolleybus line continued farther south to the Burevestnik Stadium. The overhead support poles are still visible at the former Smolniy Buyan Ul.Terminal loop.
(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
6-07. Severnoy Dviny Nab. / Uritskogo Ul.
RVZ-6M2 362 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
A tram turns onto Uritskogo Ulitsa, toward the tramway terminal, with the Severnaya Dvina River as a backdrop.
(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
6-08a. The Uritskogo Terminal.
RVZ-6M2 400 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
At the time when the tram service to the city center was still possible, this was the terminal for Line 1, while Line 2 was a through service. This was, however, a dispatch point for both services. Thus, all trams, including through runs via Line 2, were delayed for layovers, with passengers remaining inside and obliged to wait. Two months after this photo was taken, car 400 will be involved an a severe accident with the truck in Solombala, and will be declared a total loss.
(YM, 14 June 2002)
6-08b. The Uritskogo Terminal.
LM-93 518+519 and 514 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Car 514 serving Line 2 arrived a few minutes ago, but was delayed for a layover, allowing for train 518+519 serving the same Line 2 to caught up with it. Note that the 2-car train does have a route number displayed. It was assumed by both operators and passengers, however, that 2-car trainsets could only be assigned to Line 2. At the time of this photo, only three train sets were observed on the property - one LM-93 train, and two RVZ-6M2 trains. 518+519 is possibly the last 2-car train of cars of LM-93 type to ever operate in Arkhangelsk.
(YM, 14 June 2002)
6-08c. The Uritskogo Terminal.
RVZ-6M2 392 Line 1, Gagarina-bound on the left.
RVZ-6M2 402 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound on the right.
Trams serving both Line 1 and Line 2 side-by-side at the time when operation via Troitskiy Prospect and the city center was still possible.
(Aleksey Chernov, 30 Jan 2003)
6-08d. The Uritskogo Terminal.
LM-93 519 Line 1, Gagarina-bound on the left.
RVZ-6M2 366 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound on the right.
Note the image of a famous Arkhangelsk downtown skyscraper painted on some trams as a symbol of the city.
(Aleksey Chernov, 30 Jan 2003)
6-08e. The Uritskogo Terminal.
RVZ-6M2 379+401 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
During the last year of tramway operation, Arkhangelsk saw an increase of the number of 2-car trainsets in service. The system was always prone to unsystematic coupling and uncoupling of trains based on vehicle availability. Even though there were some known "professional" trailers, most cars could easily be found operating solo one day, leading a 2-car train consist the other day, and trailing in the rear the next day. Note, a year ago in 2002, car 379 was photographed as a single car, posing at the northernmost point at Yuzhnaya Maymaksa and pictured in the same report, yet it is now seen as a part of the train.
(Aleksey Chernov, 07 May 2003)
6-08f. The Uritskogo Terminal.
RVZ-6M2 385 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Some cars will be remembered forever painted in tedious pink, the color they found themselves painted in not long before the closure of the system.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)
6-08g. The Uritskogo Terminal.
RVZ-6M2 396 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
This winterish photo is made during the month of May. Car 396 was also featured in this report at the northernmost point at Yuzhnaya Maymaksa in 2002, whereas now, two years later, when the rest of the network is already closed, it is confined to the single remaining Line 2.
(Aleksey Chernov, 10 May 2004)
6-08h. The Uritskogo Terminal.
RVZ-6M2 324 Work car.

(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
6-01e. Uritskogo Pr. / Lomonosova Pr.
RVZ-6M2 366 Line 1, Gagarina-bound.
At the time of this photo, the city center-bound curve at the Uritskogo Terminal was still being used in regular service, utilized by Line 1 switching back toward the city.
(Yaroslav Luchenetskiy, 13 May 2002)
6-01f. Uritskogo Pr. / Lomonosova Pr.
RVZ-6M2 374+377 [ex.324] Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Car 377, formerly 324, was the oldest tram on the property during the last days of the tramway, delivered in 1978. The story of survival of this car is somewhat remarkable, considering the fact that the 2nd oldest car in the city, 387 [ex.356], is as many as 5 years younger, delivered in 1983. A sloppy paintjob around the fleet number reveals that swapping cars on fleet numbers was so common in Arkhangelsk, that no one even bothered to cover it up.
(Aleksey Chernov, 07 May 2003)
6-01g. Uritskogo Pr. / Lomonosova Pr.
RVZ-6M2 406 Line 2, Zharovikha-bound.
Leaving the Uritskogo Terminal for a trip to Zharovikha via the last remaining Line 2. The system will close in 73 days.
(Aleksey Chernov, 08 May 2004)

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