Part 1

Central Prokop'yevsk

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Map with photo locations

1-01. KTM-5M3 cars 179 and 241 during layover at the Zavod 'Elektromashina' Terminal. The city of Prokop'yevsk is actually a compilation of a number of villages and towns that are administratively joined into one township. This tramway terminal is located in the section of town that the name Prokop'yevsk originates from, traditionally known as the central-most area of the city. (10.09.2004, YM)
1-02. Passengers board car 144 at the Zavod 'Elektromashina' Terminal, more commonly referred to as simply 'Elektromashina'. This tram operates the city's main tramway Line 6. Tramlines that originate here go to the distant towns of Tyrgan (Line 1 and 6) and Yasnaya Polyana (Line 3). There is a railroad station Platforma 343 km, located right next to the tram terminal. The city's main railroad station is not served by trams, thus this station became a substitute main transportation hub. (10.09.2004, YM)
1-03. Train of KTM-5M3 cars with leading car 108 approaches the 'Elektromashina' Terminal. 2-car trains were popular during the mid-1990s. By 2004 there were only 2 trains left, used during 'rush' hours only. (13.06.1996, Wilfred Wolf, from Aare Olander's collection)
1-04. Cars 213 and 241 serving Line 3 meet at the same spot as above 8 years later. The Shakhterov Pr. in this photo is no longer as green as it used to be. At the end of the 1990s there were reports on Prokop'yevsk tramway system experiencing power shortages, low reliability, and the headways that could extend up to 1 hour. The situation changed radically as the system has seen a virtual revival. By 2004 a reliable and predictable service is operated, with steady headways at 7-8 min on all lines, all day long, including weekends. Even though Line 3 acts like a peripheral suburban line, the given headway was observed during the weekend. (10.09.2004, YM)
1-05. KTM-8M car 241 heads toward 'Elektromashina' via Shakhterov Pr. As of the date of this photo, this was the only tram of this type in passenger service. This was also the newest car, even though it was 9 years old. Two KTM-8M cars 241 and 355 were delivered in 1995, yet by 2004 car 355 was converted into a cafe. (10.09.2004, YM)
1-06. Train KTM+KTP-1 at the same spot as above on Shakhterov Pr. on its way from the 'Eletromashina' Terminal. (1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
1-07. KTM-5M3 car 184 reaches a tramway junction at the intersection of Shakhterov Pr. and Komsomolskaya Ul. The line to Yasnaya Polyana branches off to viewer's left. 184 is operating via Line 1 and will continue straight, toward Tyrgan. (15.07.2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
1-08. Train 20+21 consisting of motor and trailer cars of type 'Kh' at the corner of Fasadnaya Ul. (nowadays Shakhterov Pr.) and Komsomolskaya Ul. The train stops at the Tsentralnaya Gostinitsa Stop (the Central Hotel Stop) as it heads toward Tyrgan. It serves either Line 1 or 2 that operated through here at that time. Nowadays the same stop is located prior to the intersection. (late 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
1-09. Car 175 is pictured on Shakherov Pr. between Solivanova Ul. and Oktyabrskaya Ul., in the central-most area of the city. The tram heads toward the 'Elektromashina' Terminal via Line 6. (10.09.2004, YM)
1-10. Approximately the same spot as above on Shakhterov Pr. with a train consisting of the motor and the trailer car of type 'Kh'. (1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
1-11. Consist of KTM+KTP-2 cars (most likely 34+35) on Shakhterov Pr. near Pobedy Pl. (the Victory Square), nowadays Teatralnaya Pl. (the Theater Square). This square is rightfully considered the premier main square of the city, although the official 'main' square has been 'moved' to the newer neighborhoods developed in the town of Tyrgan. (late 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
1-12. Two KTM+KTP-2 trains meet at Pobedy Pl. (late 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
1-13. KTM-5M3 train with leading car 166 at Teatralnaya Pl. en-route to the 'Elektromashina' Terminal at the time when 2-car trains were still common around the system. Russian standard LIAZ-677 diesel bus is to the right. (20.05.1992, Aare Olander)
1-14. The same tramway stop in 2004 with colorful KTM-5M3 car 112 posing for a photo. Despite the uniqueness of the color scheme, it has nothing to do with advertising, but rather represents an attempt to cosmetically smarten up the fleet as a part of a recent drive to resurrect the system. Many cars still have rather dreary look, but most of them seem to be sound mechanically. During a two-day visit in 2004 there were no breakdowns observed. (10.09.2004, YM)
1-15. Colorful tram on Teatralnaya Pl. with the theater and the Stalin-era neoclassic towers in the background - is considered an emblematic shot of Prokop'yevsk. Car 110 is en-route to the 'Elektromashina' Terminal via Line 6. (11.09.2004, YM)
1-16. Train Kh+M numbered 7+13 on Fasadnaya Ul.. (nowadays Shakhterov Pr.) near the Trest Stop. (15.07.1949, USSR's Central State Archive [TsGA] of cinema and photo materials, Aare Olander collection)
1-17. Trains 32+33 and 30+31 (in the back) of cars KTM+KTP-1 meet on Shakhterov Pr. at the Trest Stop. (late 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
1-18. KTM+KTP-2 trains meet at the same Trest Stop. This is the northward view, with the Trest building (the mining headquarters) in the background. (late 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
1-19. KTM-5M3 cars 124 and 127, serving Lines 6 and 1 respectively, overtake a grade on Shakhterov Pr. near 1-go Maya Ul. (10.09.2004, YM)
1-20. Consist of cars KTM+KTP-1 at the Vokzalnaya Stop (the Main Railroad Station). The stop is positioned rather oddly - in the curve at the corner of Shakhterov Pr. and Prospektnaya Ul. The Main Railroad Station itself, and the Main Bus Station, are located some 1.5 km. to the north of here. They are not directly served by trams, but by buses only. As bus service has faded away in the 1990s, long distance passengers are left with no other options but walking to trams. (1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)

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