Part 4

Tyrgan - Novoselovka - Ziminka - Krasnaya Gorka

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Map with photo locations

4-01. KTM-8 cars 344 and 345 serving Lines 5 and 4 respectively, meet at the tram-and-pedestrian-only square at the intersection of Institutskaya Ul. and Gagarina Pr. The line toward Gorbol'nitsa, Razrez 'Prokop'yevskiy' and Khlebozavod continues northward via Institutskaya Ul. in the backround. It is operated by Lines 4, 5 and 9. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-02. BTI-bound KTM-5M3 car 357 enters the same square. As of the date of this photo, the fleet number 357 is the highest in the city, higher than fleet numbers assigned to newer KTM-8 and KTM-8M cars. This is a result of cars 167 and 170 being transferred from Depot 1 to Depot 3, upon which their fleet numbers were changed to 357 and 356 respectively. (15.07.2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
4-03. Institutskaya Ul. near the Palace of Culture still under construction. KTM+KTP-2 train is about to climb up the hill. Another unidentified car (KTM-1 or KTM-2) is visible further up the hill. (early 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
4-04. The same spot 40 years later. KTM-5M3 car 323 heads toward BTI via Line 5. Note, the grand columns of the Palace of Culture building are now gone. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-05. Precisely 7 min. later the next tram serving Line 5, car 332, approaches the stop at the bottom of the same hill. At the end of the 1990s / early 2000s, during the darker days of the Prokop'yevsk tramway, there were reports on headways on the peripheral Khlebozavod line extending up to 1 hour. By 2004, upon service revitalization, the combined headway via this corridor was only 3-4 min within the central-most section to Gorbol'nitsa, and 7-8 min along the outer section to Khlebozavod. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-06. Gorbol'nitsa-bound KTM-5M3 car 341 at the northern end of Institutskaya Ul., at the point where it meets with Oleko Dundicha Ul. The line follows a number of successive curves as it goes around the Palace of Culture. Trams traverse amid open spaces, as this area is not built up yet. (15.07.2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
4-07. Gorbol'nitsa-bound car 331 and BTI-bound car 356, both of KTM-5M3 type, meet on Oleko Dundicha Ul. Fleet number 356 is the 2nd highest in the city. This is car is formerly known as 170, one of two cars (167 and 170) given over from Depot 1 to Depot 3 with subsequent fleet number upgrade. Car 331 advertises the Ziminka Mine, located further up along this line. The roadway along the section of Oleko Dundicha Ul. was never built. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-08. BTI-bound KTM-8 car 348 heads toward Tyrgan via Oleko Dundicha Ul., at the point where the tramline diverges from the road and enters the rugged terrain. (15.07.2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
4-09. The first section of the Khlebozavod line, between Gagarina Ul. and Park im. 40 Let VLKSM (nowadays Gorbol'nitsa), was opened in 1964. Train KTM+KTP-2 (most likely 112+113) just arrived at the terminal via Line 4. When this photo was taken, the further extension to Ziminki was not opened yet. The construction is visible in the background: the new poles don't carry the overhead yet, and tracks end abruptly just before the road crossing. (the first half of 1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
4-10. The same Park im. 40 Let VLKSM Loop a few years later. In this photo the section to Shakhty 'Ziminka 3-4' ('Ziminka 3-4' Mines) is already built. A single MS car passes the loop en-route to Ziminki via Line 5. Most ex-Leningrad MS cars worked as single cars. (the mid 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
4-11. More than 40 years later KTM-5M3 cars meet at the same loop, nowadays the Gorbol'nitsa Terminal. Car 316 serves Line 4 and arrives at the last stop. Car 320 serves Line 5 and continues on to Ziminki and Krasnaya Gorka. Line 4 is the shorter version of Line 5 that operates during peak hours only. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-12. As the line continues, there is an impressive descent more than 1 km. in length just beyond the Gormol'nitsa Terminal. Car 320 serving Line 5 slows to a crawl as it inches downhill toward Ziminki. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-13. Car 320 reaches the stop at the end of the hill. A noteworthy fatal tram accident took place here in the 1990s. A runaway car sped down the preceding hill, and overturned upon flying into the curve at this very spot. The driver was blamed for the accident. (10.09.2004 YM)
4-14. Procession of KTM+KTP-2 trains (lead train is most likely 100+101) at the Depot 1 prior to the grand opening of the 2nd segment of the Ziminki line, from Park im. 40 Let VLKSM to Shakhty 'Ziminka 3-4'. (07.1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
4-15. The tramlines' construction projects were often declared 'the peoples' construction sites', thus many lines were laid during so-called 'subbotniks' ('voluntary' workdays on Saturdays). KTM+KTP-2 train 122+123 arrives at the newly built loop 'Ziminka 3-4'. (07.1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
4-16. The new Shakhta 'Ziminka 3-4' Loop in operation with a single MS car serving Line 5. (mid-1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
4-17. Some 40 years later KTM-8 car 354 (former Osinniki 53), passes through the same loop en-route to Khlebozavod via Line 5. The former Shakhta 'Ziminka 3-4' Terminal is now referred to as the Razrez 'Prokop'yevskiy' Terminal. The loop did not see service through the mid 1990s. By 2004 Line 9 BTI - Razrez 'Prokop'yevskiy' was re-established and operated during peak hours only. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-18. Car 334 returns from Khlebozavod via the segregated tram right-of-way in the vicinity of the village of Novoselki, where the line diverts from the main Tyrgan - Krasnaya Gorka road and goes deep into the ragged terrain. The still partially operational 'Ziminskaya' Mine (most likely the former 'Ziminka 1' Mine) is in the background. (10.09.2004, YM)
4-19. Upon reaching the village of Ziminka, the line returns to the main Tyrgan - Krasnay Gorka road. This section of the road is called Morozovoy Ul. Car 355 is one of only 2 KTM-8M cars in the city. At the time of this photo, it was the newest car in Prokop'yevsk. By 2004 it was converted into a caf?. In this photo 355 is still seen in passenger service en-route from Krasnaya Gorka to Tyrgan. (03.06.1996, Stefan Shpengler, from Aare Olander collection)
4-20. KTM-8 car 346 is pictured at the end of the line at the Khlebozavod Terminal, in the vicinity of the town of Kransya Gorka. Thi scar just completed a loop in the back, and is in the process of loading passengers prior to leaving for Tyrgan. (10.09.2004, YM)

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