Part 3


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Map with photo locations

3-01. KTM-8 car 354 crosses a pedestrian-and-tram-only zone at the corner of Gagarina Ul. and Institutskaya Ul. This car heads south on Institutskaya Ul. toward RTTZ, Stroitelnaya, and further up to BTI, via Line 5. This is one of 13 cars of KTM-8 type that operate in the city. In 2004 all but two of these cars served the BTI - Gorbolnitsa - Razrez Prokop'yevskiy - Khlebozavod corridor only, i.e. Lines 4, 5 and 9, during the rush hour only. The usage of these cars was reduced to a minimum as they are considered the least reliable in the fleet. All KTM-8 cars were also found in the least presentable cosmetic condition. (10.09.2004, YM)
3-02. KTM-8 car 345 crosses Gagarina Pr. via Institutskaya Ul. in the opposing direction, toward Gorbolnitsa. The car is assigned to Line 4, which operates during rush hours only. KTM-5M3 car 124 is catching up behind. It is serving Line 6 an is about to turn onto Gagarina Ul., toward the city center. (10.09.2004, YM)
3-03. KTM-5M3 car 162 was originally delivered in 1993 to the neighboring city of Osinniki, where it received fleet number 52 (the latter number is scratched out but could still be visible). This car was given over to Prokop'yevsk in 1994 together with similar cars 162, 191, 192, as Osinniki did not like the KTM cars. In this photo 162 approaches the RTTZ terminal. The loop at the terminal went through a number of alterations - the old trackage belonging to a previous arrangement is still visible. (03.06.1996, Bas Shenk, from Aare Olander collection)
3-04. Car 322 arrived at the RTTZ terminal. The car misses one headlight, which illustrates the state of the system in the mid-1990s. To the left is the former Eastern German Ikarus-280 articulated diesel bus. (03.06.1996, Stefan Shpengler, from Aare Olander collection)
3-05. 2-car KTM-5M3 train with the 2nd car numbered 167 heads toward the city center. At the same time KTM-8 car 146 of Line 5 enters the RTTZ loop. Line 5 does not terminate here, thus 146 will continue further on to Stroitelnaya and BTI. (03.06.1996, Aare Olander)
3-06. Tram 129 serves the recently reestablished Line 1, which terminates at the RTTZ Terminal. The car has just unloaded its passengers and intends to go around the loop, even though it completes a straight move through the switch in this photo. When the line was extended west of RTTZ in 1974, the connecting track was inserted into the previously existed loop. This way the added trackage branches off at the angle, curves around the original loop, and returns back to the direct alignment west of the loop. (10.09.2004, YM)
3-07. City-bound trams follow a curious arrangement of curves and switches as they work their way through the RTTZ Loop. All trams have to pass through the loop regardless of their origin. For instance, both trams in this photo originated at BTI and Stroitelnaya, further up the line. In this photo one can make out a trajectory of the original perfectly round loop, built in 1972. The new trackage was inserted in 1974 at an odd angle (see the car in the background). The track leading straight toward the viewer is the access track to the newest Depot 3, added in 1987. (03.06.1996, Stefan Shpengler, from Aare Olander collection)
3-08. KTM-8 car 353 was originally delivered to Osinniki in 1993, where it received fleet number 54. The car was given over to Prokop'yevsk in 1994 together with similar car 354. These cars did not fare well in Osinniki, and were given up. In this photo 353 returns from BTI via Gaydara Ul. and approaches the point where tracks split to encircle the RTTZ Loop. (03.06.1996, Bas Shenk, from Aare Olander collection)
3-09. Cars 320 and 334 meet at the stop preceding the Stroitelnaya Loop on Gaydara Ul. (10.09.2004, YM)
3-10. Car 187 serving Line 6 completes a straight move through the switch at the base of the Stroitelnaya Loop. Line 6 is the main tram service in the city. It originates in the central area of town, known as the original town of Prokop'yevsk, and terminates in Tyrgan, at the Stroitelnaya Loop. (10.09.2004, YM)
3-11. Tram 320 passes through the same switch and continues on to BTI via Line 4. The Stroitelnaya Loop was originally built in 1981, while the BTI extension appeared in 1993. The same as with the RTTZ Loop, the new track was inserted into the existing loop, thus the added trackage branches off at the angle, curves around the original loop, and returns to the direct alignment after the loop. (10.09.2004, YM)
3-12. KTM-5M3 car 332 rolls downhill toward BTI. As of the date of this photo, this is the newest tram extension in the city, opened in 1993. (15.07.2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
3-13. Trams on Esenina Ul., the BTI line. Despite the fact that this line goes through the vast new developments of modern apartment blocks, it is served by Lines 4, 5 and 9, which do not go to the city center, but operate via the peripheral BTI - Khlebozavod corridor. These three lines actually constitute one service, with Line 5 acting as the main trunk service, while Lines 4 and 9 being a short turn peak hour versions. All three lines operate on the combined headway. (03.06.1996, Stefan Shpengler, from Aare Olander collection)
3-14. The same location 8 years later. Tram 354 in this photo is another one of the two ex-Osinniki KTM-8 cars. It used to briefly operate in Osinniki under fleet number 53. (10.09.2004, YM)
3-15. KTM-8 car 345 approaches the BTI Terminal. (15.07.2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
3-16. Vast open prairies to the west of the BTI tramline give an impression that trams run in the middle nowhere, provided the camera is pointed west. The new apartment blocks are behind the photographer, on the eastern side of Esenina Ul. Tram 349 returns from BTI and heads toward the city. (03.06.1996, Aare Olander)
3-17. Incidentally, the same car 349 is caught serving the same BTI line 8 years later. This gives an opportunity to compare the changes in this car's exterior. For instance, the original windshield is gone. In this photo 349 just arrived at the end of the line, the BTI Terminal, as it operates the rush hour-only Line 9 BTI - Razrez Prokop'yevskiy. Line 9 disappeared during the tumultuous mid-1990s, but was later resurrected. (10.09.2004, YM)

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