Part 2

Prokop'yevsk - Rudnichniy - Tyrgan

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Map with photo locations

2-01. Car 145 heads toward Tyrgan via Prospectnaya Ul., serving Line 6. After a period of decline during the 1990s, the city of Prokopyevsk is experiencing a re-birth, thanks to the newly elected socially oriented city government, and aggressive alternative trade economic policies. As of 2004 Prokop'yevsk appeared to be a city of many contrasts, as neat neighborhoods coexist next to sites of abandoned mines, a gloomy reminder of the past socialist industrialization. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-02. One of many abandoned mines. This photo is somewhat emblematic of modern Prokop'yevsk. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-03. Cars 145 and 187 meet on Prospektnaya Ul. near Tramwaynaya Ul. (Tramway Street). Long interurban tramline via Prospektnaya Ul. connects the central town of Prokop'yevask and the 'new' town known as Tyrgan, via villages Scherbakovka and Rudnichniy. The system also conveys an interurban character as it consists of long picturesque tramway lines connecting various neighborhoods that are spread out over a hilly landscape. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-04. Trains KTM+KTP-2 meet on Prospektnaya Ul. between the Izoprodukt and Shakhta Nomer 7 Stops. (1960s, Prokopyevsk Tramway Museum, YM collection)
2-05. Train KTM+KTM-1 serving Line 2 at the Shakhta Nomer 7 Loop. This terminal was the last stop for Line 2, a short turn service for Line 1, that operated between the town of Prokop'yevask and Shakhta Nomer 7 until the mid-1990s. (1960s, Prokopyevsk Tramway Museum, YM collection)
2-06. KTM+KTP-1 train 74+75 serving Line 1 passes the Shakhta Nomer 7 Loop en-route to Tyrgan. (1960s, Prokopyevsk Tramway Museum, YM collection)
2-07. KTM-5M3 car 112 serving Line 6 passes the Shakhta Nomer 7 Loop some 40 years later. Ever since the mid-1990s the loop remains out of regular service, with Lines 1 and 6 bypassing it en-route between Prokop'yevask and Tyrgan. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-08. Car 127 passes the abandoned mining complex on Prospektnaya Ul. It operates Line 1 Elektromashina - RTTZ, which is a supplementary short turn version of the city's busiest Line 6. Line 1 mostly operates during rush hours, with only occasional service provided other times. It did not operate for a period of time during the late-1990s, but was resurrected by 2004. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-09. Prokop'yevask tramlines stretch amid scenic hilly landscapes. KTM-5M3 car 144 heads toward the city center. (15.07.2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
2-10. KTM-5M3 train 124+128 (former 281+283) heads toward Tyrgan, pictured in the area where the tramway right-of-way diverges from the main Prokop'yevask - Tyrgan road and cuts through the rugged terrain. (20.05.1992, Aare Olander)
2-11. KTM-5M3 train heads toward the city center via a picturesque section of the Prokop'yevask - Tyrgan line, with spectacular views of the local landscape in the background. The roadway to the left belongs to Prospectnaya Ul. (20.05.1992, Aare Olander)
2-12. KTM-5M3 train with leading car 100 is pictured on Serova Ul. (a continuation of Prospektanay Ul.) near the main city Depot 1. This Depot also houses the tramway network administrative offices. The train is headed toward the city center. (03.06.1996, Harald Kuchwalek, from Aare Olander's collection)
2-13. Car 144 enters a curve as it approaches the Depot 1 from Tyrgan. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-14. Car 186 on Serova Ul. in the neighborhood of Rudnichniy. The PZShA Palace of Culture is in the background. This car is headed toward Prokop'yevask. The unused loop PZShA is located at the end of the stretch of the street in this photo. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-15. The Tyrgan Terminal, also known as the Gagarina Pr., or Gorniy Tekhnikum, or Kuznitsk Terminal (with 'i', conrorary to the neighboring city of Novokuznetsk, or the New Kuznetsk, which is written with 'e'). Nowadays it is referred to as DK PZShA. The very first tramline in the city terminated here upon its opening on 12.05.1936. Car of MS type just arrived from Prokop'yevask. A former trailer of type "Kh" is used as a dispatch outpost. (1960s, Prokopyevsk Tramway Museum, YM collection)
2-16. Train KTM+KTP-2 at the same Tyrgan (Kuznitsk, Gorniy Tekhnikum) Terminal. (1960s, Prokopyevsk Tramway Museum, YM collection)
2-17. Procession of KTM+KTP-2 trains en-route to the official ceremony of the opening of the 2nd segment of the Ziminki line. This photo is taken on Serova Ul. near the viaduct, just beyond the DK PZShA Terminal. The last train is 96+97. (07.1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
2-18. Consist of motor and trailer cars of type "Kh" operates via not-yet-developed Gagarina Pr. near Krupskoy Ul., in the neighborhood of Tyrgan. (1960s, Prokopyevsk Tramway Museum, YM collection) годы)
2-19. The same spot some 40 years later. Car 113 is climbing uphill via Gagrina Pr. toward Tyrgan and Stroitelnaya as it operates Line 6. As per 2004 this car was 21 years old, and happened to be the oldest tram on the property, delivered in 1983. (10.09.2004, YM)
2-20. Car 177 of KTM-19 type is one of two new trams (162 and 177) delivered in 2006. Even though the official destination sign reads Line 6, a giant number 1 placed on a dash board implies this tram will only go as far as RTTZ. Line 1 is a short version of the city's busiest Line 6. It is mostly operated during rush hours, with only a few occasional runs other times. The centralmost section of Gagrina Pr. between Shkolnaya Ul. and Institutskaya Ul. is converted into a pedestrian-and-tram-only zone. (Summer 2007, Gennadiy Ivanov)
2-21. Car 189 turns from Gagarina Pr. onto Institutskaya Ul., toward RTTZ and Stroitelnaya. This car underwent a complete overhaul; the sign in the windshield reads 'Testing'. (10.09.2004, YM)

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