Part 5

Prokop'yevsk - Koksovaya - Yasnaya Polyana - Severniy Maganak

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Map with photo locations

5-01. August 30, 1964, the opening of the connecting line between the Prokop'yevsk main tramway network and the tramway network in Yasnaya Polyana. Both systems operated independently ever since the opening of the Yasnaya Polyana netowrk in November 05, 1956. The first passenger tram that traversed the new trackage via Line 3 was a train of KTM+KTP-1 cars 40+41. The train is pictured on Komsomolskaya Ul. just before the viaduct over the railroad at the very beginning of the new line to Yasnaya Polyana. The sign above the roof of the leading car says 'Line 3 to the miners'. (30.08.1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
5-02. The official ceremony prior to the opening of regular service with train KTM+KTP-1 number 40+41 and an open-air platform work tram GP-6, based on tram of type 'Kh'. The ceremony took place at the corner of Fasadnaya Ul. (nowadays Shakhterov Pr.) and Komsomolskaya Ul., where the new extension branches off the existing line to 'Elektromashina'. Openings of tramway lines were major events in the city, thus the entire population gathered for the ceremony. Somewhere in the crowd one could find the future director (by 2004) of tramway enterprise, who skipped classes at school for this occasion. (30.08.1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
5-03. Open-air platform work tram GP-6 opens the line as it overtakes the curve at Fasadnaya Ul. and Komsomolskaya Ul., at the beginning of the viaduct over the railroad. At first the curve at the intersection was laid as a single track. (30.08.1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
5-04. Two trains KTM+KTP-1 in the curve at the corner of Fasadnaya Ul. and Komsomolskaya Ul. Train 28+29 directly in-front of the camera heads toward Yasnaya Polyana, while 32+33 in the back returns to 'Elektromashina'. Both trams serve Line 3. This has become the main tramway intersection in the city. The roadway receives asphalt covering some time after the opening of the new line to Yasnaya Polyana. The 2nd track was already added to the curve. (late 1960s, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
5-05. Some 30 years later KTM-5M3 car 209 turns toward Yasnaya Polyana at the same intersection of Shakhterov Pr. (former Fasadnaya Ul.) and Komsomolskaya Ul. (03.06.1996, Aare Olander)
5-06. Car 214 passes the viaduct over the railroad on Komsomolskaya Ul. as it returns from Yasnaya Polyana. (10.09.2004, YM)
5-07. The newest car in Prokop'yevsk as per the date of this photo, KTM-8M car 241 heads from Yasnaya Polyana toward the city early on Saturday morning. This classic suburban line curves around scenic hilly landscapes. The tram has just crossed the railroad crossing (see the miniature roadside traffic sign warning). The segregated tramway right-of-way is tightly fit on the curbside right next to the main road. Due to the mountainous terrain the space is limited, thus city-bound trams literally face outbound traffic head-on. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-08. Train KTM+KTP-1 departs from the Shakhta 'Koksovaya' (the 'Koksovaya' Mine) Terminal that previously existed halfway along the line between Prokop'yevsk and Yasnaya Polyana. Upon the opening of the Yasnaya Polyana system on November 05, 1956 trams operated between Yasnaya Polyana and Shakhta 'Koksovaya' only. This section functioned as an independent network until the new viaduct over the railroad was built on Komsomolskaya Ul. and the line was joined with the main Prokop'yevsk network on August 30, 1964. (1964, Prokop'yevsk Tram Museum, YM collection)
5-09. Colorful KTM-5M3 car 212 passes near the still partially operational 'Koksovaya' Mine. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-10. Car 240 is one of only 2 KTM-8 trams assigned to the Depot 2, which serves the Yasnaya Polyana section of the network. The car is climbing up the hill via Koksovaya Ul. en-route to Yasnaya Polyana with the 'Koksovaya' Mine in the background. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-11. Tram 214 continues climbing toward Yasnaya Polyana amid the forest adjacent to Koksovaya Ul., in the vicinity of Nerchinskaya Ul. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-12. Car 236 with nostalgic name 'Gaydarovets' (identifies the patriotic youth movement of young pioneers under the former Communist regime) is about to turn from Yasnaya Polyana Ul. onto Murmanskaya Ul. en-route to Yasnaya Polyana, at the point where the line from Prokop'yevsk (served by Line 3) meets with the local peripheral tramway line Yasnaya Polyana - Severniy Maganak (served by Line 7). (11.09.2004, YM)
5-13. The overhead wire maintenance work car arrives at the same intersection via Murmanskaya Ul. from Yasnaya Polyana and the Depot 2. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-14. Tram 212 passes through the grade railroad crossing on tramway-only Murmanskaya Ul. as it returns from Yasnaya Polyana. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-15. Tram 229 serving Line 3 approaches the Yasnaya Polyana Terminal via Murmanskaya Ul. The line branching off to viewer's left is the single access track leading to the Depot 2. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-16. Car 237 finishes the Yasnaya Polyana Loop and leaves toward the city via Line 3. The single-track line to the Depot 2 is on the right. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-17. Car 260 serving Line 7 completes the loop upon departing the Yasnaya Polyana Terminal for Severniy Maganak. The abandoned building in the back is a former Palace of Culture, or ' DK'. The tramway terminal itself used to be called 'DK im. Stalina', and later 'DK im. Gorkogo'. The latter name could still be found on some destination signs. Upon the closure of the DK, the terminal is mostly referred to as Yasnaya Polyana. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-18. The single track line via Kuchina Ul.. leads to the Depot 2. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-19. This is not an abandoned track, but an operational service access line to the Depot 2 in the vicinity of Chernigovskaya Ul. From Kuchina Ul. the line completes a 90 degree turn and continues on literally through the back yards of adjacent properties. The depot itself is visible at the end of the track. The length of the entire service line to the depot is about 800 meters. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-20. Brand new KTM-8M car 241 in a factory color scheme at the Depot 2, soon after the delivery. (03.06.1996, Aare Olander)
5-21. Car 264 on Profsoyuznaya Ul. in the town of Severniy Maganak. This car is headed toward Yasnaya Polyana via Line 7, while another car in the background continues on toward the Shakhta 'Severniy Maganak' (the 'Severniy Maganak' Mine) Terminal one stop further up the line. Despite the peripheral nature of this line, it is the 2nd newest extension of the system, opened 09.1981. (20.05.1992, Aare Olander)
5-22. More than 12 years later the same car 264 is still found serving Line 7. On this photo it follows the newly built loop at the corner of Profsoyuznaya Ul. and Bezhitskaya Ul. in the town of Severniy Maganak, in the vicinity of the location of the previous photo. Prior to 2003 the line used to continue about 700-800 meters farther, paralleling Bezhitskaya Ul., to the abandoned 'Severniy Maganak' Mine. Upon mine's closure, but prior to the finishing of the new loop, for some time trams ran to the mine and back empty. The new terminal is called simply Severniy Maganak. (11.09.2004, YM)
5-23. The Hiroshima-like scenery at the former Shakhta 'Severniy Maganak' Loop with abandoned structures of the former mine in the background. (11.09.2004, YM)

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