Gallery 8

The Line to Z-d Polimerov

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Map with photo locations

8-01. Kirova Ul. near Alexandra Matrosova Ul.
KTM-5M3 T-133. Depot-bound trip.
The still-freshly-painted T-055 returns to the Depot via the city section of the line to Z-d Polimerov.
(19.08.2002, Vladislav Prudnikov)
8-02. Kirova Ul. near Mira Ul.
MTV-82 10 in the background, belonging to either line 1, 2 or 3.
Maintenance of the city section of the line to Z-d Polimerov.
(MUP AMO 'Angarskiy Tramway', from YM collection, late 1950s)
8-03. Kirova Ul.
MTV-82 numbered 3, 2 and ?. Line 1.
The first section of the line to Upravlenie Kombinata was opened 26.11.1953. The final section to Maysk was opened 16.04.1954, the latter event is commemorated in this photo.
(MUP AMO 'Angarskiy Tramway', from YM collection, 16.04.1954)
8-04. Kirova Ul. & Mira Ul.
KTM-5M3 T-186. Line 5, city-bound.
This tram returns from the industrial area. The photo is made right near the depot.
(22.08.1994, Thomas Fischer, from Aare Olander collection)
8-05. Kirova Ul. near Vostochnaya Ul. and the Depot.
KTM-5M3 T-137. Line 5, city-bound.
Due to the apparent economic decline, this very first tramline to the city's industrial park is loosing its ridership. One of the very few trams still running to Z-d Polimerov, returns to the city and passes the tracks leading to the depot.
(19.08.2002, Vladislav Prudnikov)
8-06. Kirova Ul. east of the Depot.
A tram-less scene along the suburban section of the Z-d Polimerov line. This line has seen some come back of service by 2004, with regular runs via Line 5 and a few rush hour trips of Line 6. Trams were a rare sight in 2002, when this photo survey of the line was completed.
(19.08.2002, Vladislav Prudnikov)
8-07. Kirova Ul. & Avtodoroga N1.
The site of the former Upravlenie Kombinata Terminal, the endpoint of the first tramway line. Both modern lines to Z-d Polimerov meet in the background of this photo. The trackage in the picture leads to the city center. The other secondary branch via Avtodoroga N1 approaches from the right.
(19.08.2002, Vladislav Prudnikov)
8-08. Avtodoroga N1 at Z-d Polimerov Terminal.
(19.08.2002, Vladislav Prudnikov)
8-09. The Z-d Polimerov Terminal.
The terminal looks abandoned, yet it is still operational.
(19.08.2002, Vladislav Prudnikov)
8-10. Avtodoroga N1 at Z-d Polimerov Terminal.
The first tramway line used to continue ahead to Maysk. It was closed in the mid-1990s. The latest track arrangement required city-bound trams to complete a loop, even though two tracks existed before and are still visible in this photo.
(19.08.2002, Vladislav Prudnikov)
8-11. The Maysk Terminal.
MTV-82 numbered 7, 4 and ?. Line 1.
This is the terminal on the eastern side of the 1804 Km. railroad station of the Trans-Siberian railroad, which later will be known as Maysk. In 1963 trams reached the same railroad station from the west (today's Mayskiy Vokzal Terminal). The connector between the eastern and the western lines was constructed over the viaduct in 1970, and this loop closed. The line to the eastern side of the Maysk station (trackage in the background) closed in the late 1990s. The connector over the viaduct closed in 2002.
(MUP AMO 'Angarskiy Tramway', from YM collection, 1954)

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